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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tastycare: Health Care For The New Millennium Part 2

*Any person that writes a book, blog, or advertisement that tells people to skip chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment for cancer and use a homeopathic or herbal "cure" instead shall immediately be put to death.

What this does is purges society of soulless scheisters who would use fear and false hope to drain the funds of patients in the midst of an emotional meltdown over a serious but in most cases treatable disease. Yes, chemotherapy and radiation make you feel like sh*t but they are proven treatments for a disease that can make the human body its metastatic playground. This also helps a forced "natural selection" where we are weeding out some of the evil, greed, and sh*twores in the human population. This also decreases the number of people that will need medical coverage because this would reduce the scheister population by the thousands.

*No patient should be denied health care for any reason except that they are not paying their monthly premium. You don't pay the fee, you don't get the service.

*Premiums should be determined by disease state. Expensive diseases like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, coronary artery disease, etc. would mandate a higher premium than someone who just has chronic allergies. The logic in this is that diseases which are expensive to treat will have to bring in higher copays in order to cover the services and medications so the system does not go bankrupt like our current medicare and medicaid systems are. In the case of congenital disease it may not seem fair but life in general is not fair so suck it up and be happy you have health care.

*Any practitioner whose practice uses fraudulent billing to any insurance will incur a $50,000 fine and lose their medical and business licenses PERMANENTLY. Now there would have to be an investigation because sometimes practitioners don't actually oversee the specifics of the billing and a vengeful or greedy employee could try to frame them. That would be for a judge and jury to decide.

What this does is discourages fraud which is an extensive amount of overspending on health care. Several home health businesses in Miami are under investigation for fraudulent home diabetes service billing. They had the highest billing rates that were way out of proportion for the number of actual diabetics who would qualify for home care in the Miami area. Shameful...

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Anonymous said...

Cancer treatment options are full of choices just like erything thing else. Radiation and chemo are not proven cures. I have dozens of friends and family members who still died of cancer after traditional treatment. I have also seen where people have beaten cancer through nutrition and strengthening their immune systems. no one has the cure for cancer, I'll say that for sure. Some folks are willing to try anything if traditional methods don't agree with them.