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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pie in the Eye

Gross story alert!!

One of our regular customers was at the counter motioning for me to come over and speak with her. I immediately noticed her swollen, red eye and asked her what happened. She claimed she had yeast in her eye. I was thinking "huh? like in you had a Martha Stewart baking accident and yeast splashed in your eye while you were making me some yummy bread?" but I had a sneaking suspicion something much grander happened. She must have noticed my look of confusion so she asked me loudly "What do you have for yeast in the eye? I touched down there and then I touched my eye!" I was like "uh-down there as in skin folds?" "NOOO as in I touched my vag THEN I touched my eye and now it hurts and I need something for my eye". Well, I was completely dumbfounded on so many levels. I really don't know of any antifungal eye meds that are not compounded. I told her to flush her eye, get some Monistat and keep the fingers away from the eyes and to please see a MD b/c it looked pretty bad to me. She seemed satisfied with that answer yet a touch embarrassed. Poor lady!! But can you imagine!

Lessons to be learned from this story: NEVER touch your vag or pee pee if it has pus or other gross things coming out of it, is in it or growing on it, then your eye or other orifices.

Don't get frustrated with the pharmacist if he/she doesn't understand HOW the incident happened. We may need to ask questions/investigate the scenario to help decide a course of action. Also, ask in private. Why do you want an audience?

Women-wear cotton panties, keep that vag clean and wash those hands after using the potty, etc.

Update: She came in the next day for Polytrim drops. Hope that helps?!!!


Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Um yeah, I need those TPS reports...

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Maybe it was direct eye contact with somebody else's "down there".

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Holy shit! She came back today with a rx for econazole for around her eye and for her arms and legs where it is spreading.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...