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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Way Too Deep: Signs You Might Be Overinvested

Or as I like to call it, "Looking Around My House".
I was thinking about 'tells' of people's jobs. You'd probably find steel-toed boots in a construction worker's house, or a waitress that reflexively straightens a table after a restaurant meal. For me, it's a combination of the two- so here's how I can tell if someone is in the pharmacy.
1. Their OTC meds have Xs on them.
2. If not Xs, then expiration dates, and sometimes both.
3. Lab coats. Lab coats in places you wouldn't expect them.
4. Constantly irritated with misuse of drug names/classes in media. "You idiot, you can OD on a benzo, but 'Benzodiazepine' is not an actual drug name!"
5. Constantly irritated with friends/family's misuse of meds. No, giving your kids penicillin when only one is sick is a terrible idea. Yes, by all means, throw out the bottle of Alka-Seltzer that still says it was made in Indiana out, please.
6. If they're in retail, everything that can be sold by their employer will be bought. Look at your store brands, if you buy them. If your vanity/nightstand looks like it came from one of their store-ads, well...
What do you consider a tell?