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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Foresee A Misadventure

As I look into my crystal ball I see a bottle of Pradaxa opening and the capsules placed into a 7-day pill minder. The caregiver filling this pill minder does not know about the storage mandates for this medication leaving the patient open to drug failure and clots.

I am asking each and every practitioner to make sure to double or triple counsel each and every patient you are putting on Pradaxa and any caregiver(s) they are going to have involved in their drug routine.

Pradaxa is extremely sensitive to humidity and should be taken as prescribed every day for 30 days after the seal on the original bottle is broken. Pradaxa SHOULD ONLY BE DISPENSED AND STORED IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER!!!!! Absolutely under no circumstances should this drug be taken out of the bottle or foil pack and put in a pill minder unless you have a foil pack and cut off the cap still in the sealed compartment and put that whole unit in the pill minder.

Pradaxa caps should NOT be opened and the pellets taken by themselves or sprinkled on food because the bioavailability goes from 3 to 7% from the intact capsule and increases another 75% with no capsule. This can lead to a potentially fatal bleed.

Please make sure to go over this info multiple times with each patient and caregiver(s) because this med can easily be misused and when it comes to clot fatality vs bleed out I believe everyone will benefit from some good old education.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

I'm not going in to the freaky deaky stuff for the time being but I do want to address a growing and sad issue: Plan B. Multiple times each work week I see panicky scared little girls come in for Plan B or send in their boyfriends to buy it because they are TERRIFIED that their parents will find out what dumb ass little teenage loser they let wallow in their baby gutter. This needs to stop.

If you are so afraid or too embarrassed or too immature to have an open adult dialogue with your parents about sex then you have NO business f*cking!!! My parents failed to do this with my older sister who got pregnant in high school and hid it from the family until her last few months. They made sure I knew about baby making and venereal disease and got on birth control at an appropriate age. What is an appropriate age? That has been debated by religious and parent/teacher groups for years. I recommend operating on the "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed" paradigm.

Upon a girl's first menstruation it is imperative that parents have a discussion about dealing with blood, birth control, and venereal disease. Let's face it, being a girl is disgusting and it helps to have a good home support system. Parents should have the talk with boys when they start getting "morning wood" and "nocturnal emissions." It is up to the parents how detailed they want to get and if they want to take the mom tackles daughter, dad tackles son on the talks. They also need to agree on rules for dating for their children and please allow them to take the health course at school that goes over reproduction and social responsibility for their offspring. It seems this education has been lacking on all fronts worldwide.

Knowledge is power and with the potential to make a baby teens should have greater responsibility and knowledge for planning a baby at an appropriate time in life instead of having one and dropping it in a dumpster or using it for a welfare check. I guarantee many of your children are having sex and not telling you about it. Make sure you have a good little sit down chat. If you are uncomfortable with it there is a Planned Parenthood where you can make an appointment for your child to talk to a health care professional for any questions they are uncomfortable asking you. Let's take the fear out of growing up and bring RESPONSIBILITY back to our baby-making!

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