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Monday, March 22, 2010

Taste The Rainbow

Last week some kids were sent home from middle school because they were "sick." They had in fact each eaten a box of "Skittles" and chugged a bottle of Delsym as a chaser.

"Skittles" (aka DXM, CCC, Triple C, Robo, Poor Man's PCP) is a stupid new trend in children wanting to get f*cked up. It is basically high doses of dextromethorphan (cough suppressant) taken to get a feeling of euphoria along with visual and auditory hallucinations. Now you know why we can't sell it to kids under 18 because they have a terminal case of the stupids and will try ANYTHING they see on the interweb to get high.

PATHETIC! You know what you get along with the sensation you wanted? You get headache, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, stomach cramping, diarrhea, and in extreme toxicity you can end up in a coma or get a nice bit of brain trauma, kidney, or liver damage.

I feel that somehow these kids parents are failures. I feel that these kids will always be failures. I know this because these kids stole four boxes of Coricidin and four bottles of Delsym from a retail pharmacy outlet near their school. The path to being a "crack head" starts younger and younger.

What happened to the good old days when drug experimentation started with alcohol and marijuana in high school? What happened to the days when you experimented with things like LSD and ecstasy in college? What happened to the days where you entered adulthood and the real world with minimal chemical vices, working in a real job to support yourself and your family, and cutting loose every once in a while to relive the "good old days?"

The point I am making is that I love the original Skittles from M & M Mars. The only high I get from them is the high blood sugar that fuels my sprints between the drive thru and the fill counter. How dare some little douche bag kids besmirch the name of my beloved Skittles with something so stupid!



NY pharmacy intern said...

I remember going back to retail pharmacy after working in a hospital for my last year of pharmacy school rotations and seeing that you now have to be 18 or older to buy dextromethorphan and thinking what the hell is wrong with kids these days. Of course when a product containing said product was rung up a little slip of paper would print and you had to explain to the customer after asking for ID why you had to card them or just explain about the abuse potential. I think the most common responses were "how the hell do kids find these things out?" and "what f***ing moron decides chugging cough syrup makes so much sense!"

DenaliDriveThru said...

Desperation to get a "high". It's hard to believe that a kid's body could survive that much DM. Hepatic damage for sure. Remember the days of Cheracol? At least that had codeine in it!

Phathead said...

That's almost as bad as when 'cheese' started proliferating in my area. The shit that kids are exposed to nowadays is scary.

Rotten Tech said...

The fact the kids did this doesn't make their parents failures.. we're all human, kids included. Kids need to learn shit for themselves. Whether the parents are failures depends on how they react to this sort of thing.

Fries With That, tech said...

I would of course never be able to remember which one, but I read a story on some pharmacy blog about this that made me LOL - apparently a kid (well, teenager) bought a bottle of generic Robitussin (plain guaifenesin) and chugged it in front of the pharmacist, who didn't inform the kid that there wasn't any DxM in it.

mommy-medic said...

I love parents who don't parent! We ran a drunk 16 year old today. His mom met him in the ER at 9 at night and asks him a few questions including "did you go to school today?" WTF kid of question is that at 9 o clock at night??? Shouldn't you KNOW if your little prodigy bothered to show up or not??? *Palmforehead*