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Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Contest Time!!!!!

Filet is going to send a $25 Amazon gift card to the person who has the best RPH vs patient fight story!

Now I don't want ANY made up horse sh*t. I want the REAL deal, ie pork chop not Spam.... So don't you think even for a minute that we won't scrutinize and may even perhaps fact check your little story.

Since EVERY problem from the patient perspective is a direct result of the pharmacist being the root of all evil we think it will lend to some entertaining stories.

Don't forget the tiny details because one thing we L-O-V-E around here is a full on train wreck! So send one or send 'em all for the best of the pharmacy Springeresque and you may just get a $25 treat!

Let the games begin!

*Offer not valid if you don't have a computer cuz after all where the hell are you reading this blog, a library? Not hardly cuz the only people in the library either work there or sleep there when the cops kick them off the streets and out of the parks.

*We at FFP are not responsible for any hurt feelings but we do require that all names be withheld to prevent undue mental harm to actual patients or pharmacists.

*We at FFP will consider all entries unless we think you smoked way too much pot then made something up cuz that is just plain irresponsible. Why would you waste good pot on a blog when the new season of South Park started this week?

*No entries will be accepted after April 30th. Oh who am I kidding, we will still read them but you won't qualify for the gift card, just honorable mention if we guest post your story.

*Winner will be announced and posted on May 5th so you can all be envious of that magnificent gift card that you will not be able to spend.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

I'm not an RPh, so wont' submit any.

But if you think there's an April 31st, please call my office for an appointment.

oddharmonic said...

I've got nothing there, never had reason to disagree with an RPh and haven't witnessed anything hilarious there either.

The best I've got is a tech giving me A Look after my kid way-too-perkily said "I'm going to sit on the massage chair while you get your Sudafed!". (I think a lot of people really enjoyed that massage chair because it is long gone.)

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Well, Dr. Grumpy, you will have to have a contest about the nicest/nastiest pharmacist interaction ever!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

"There was this pharmacist, who wanted me to write a script for April 31st. She had part of a guy's necktie tied around her wrist, and..."

the RPh said...

So I was working at "Big Chain Pharmacy" and called a Dr's office to verify a very iffy control Rx. I left the message on the "urgent" line. About 20 minutes later the nurse/office manager called back and asked my tech what our address was so she could send 911. I got on the phone and told her we didn't need 911, that we were a pharmacy. She said that since I left a message on their "emergency" line, I must need 911 and asked for the address once again. After two more attempts to tell her my reason for calling and her insisting that I must need 911...we got into an arguement and I told her she change her voicemail message to make it clear that they would call 911. She told me she would relay the message to the Dr and I said for her to try to not be a b*tch wehn she did. Long story short, I no longer work for "Big Chain Pharmacy"...but I'm proud of myself for standing up against rudeness!

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

You make me laugh, Dr. G!!

OK RPh's! Get off your bootays and send us some stories!! Pretty please! With depakote sprinkles on top?

Drive Thru Wench, CPhT said...

I am not a pharmacist, so I'll share my story here because it's made of win.
We have this evil old man that comes to our store. He hates all of us girl techs and our girl pharmacy manager and will only let himself be waited on by our staff pharmacist (who is a rock star by the way). One day we had a floater pharmacist that is a little cute blond and sweet as pie. He had a copay issue and cussed me out to the point that she stepped in because I have a temper. I probably looked like I was about to snap. Anyway, she tried to call his insurance but he was yelling to the point that she was trying just to calm him down. Finally, she said, "Sir, if you will let me talk, we can resolve this issue."
He said, "You just won't help me because I'm black and you white people..."
I have no clue what he was about to say next. All I know is, she threw a pill bottle across our pharmacy (not at the guy, but in his direction), screamed, and told him to get out! I was like, holy s**t as our manager finally came back and hustled the guy out of our store. He's been quiet ever since! I salute you, floater pharmacist!
(Drive Thru Wench does not approve of actually hitting patients with pill bottles)

Michael said...

I'm a tech, not an RPh, but I figured you'd like this story.

It was crazy busy at rush hour and I had two lines of 4 cars each in drive-through, a wait time of an hour in-store, phones ringing off the hook, etc. We've all been there.

I was trying my best to get drive-through flowing until this old man behind the gentleman I was helping in lane 1 started honking. My stress level was already though the roof and the horn did nothing but piss me off more.

After I finished with the patient I helped two cars in lane 2 first (if you honk you lose a turn!) before finally helping this guy in a pickup truck.

Him: What the hell is taking so long!
Me: I'm sorry sir, we're short-handed and it's rush hour, and we're going as fast as we can.
Him: Well that's not good enough! When can I pick this up!
Me: I can have it ready in about an hour and a half, 2 hours.
Me: I'm sorry sir, that's my current wait time, people in store have been waiting up to an hour to get their medicine, and we're trying to keep up.
Him: This is fucking bullshit! I can't believe this shit! I will be back in 15 minutes and you'll have it ready!
Me: Sir, it's going to be an hour and a half to two hours. That is my wait time.
Him: No! I've already been sitting in this drive-through for 30 minutes, so that means I should get 30 minutes off. I want it now!
Me: Sir. We dispense life saving medications, not burgers and fries. I will not have this ready for an hour and a half to two hours. If you'd like I can give the prescription back and you can take it somewhere else.

He glared at me, spun his tires and sped off. Jackass.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

So many times in my alternate universe have I hit patients with bottles, knives, hatchets, hand grenades, ninja stars, etc... Yes, Grumpy, that is the same alternate reality that has 31 days in April.....

Burger Doodle Chicks said...

So how about fights averted, do those count? There was this nun...

Anonymous said...

I was a tech for many years while in college for another profession. I loved it! Never a dull moment. I think my favorite story (so many and I may have to share another one or two) was when a patient called yelling and screaming that we had filled her daughters liquid antibiotic incorrectly. I was instantly horrified as I know we all get in situations like these. Anyway, I pulled the hard copy, looked at the directions and told her we indeed filled it correctly and I repeated the directions (script read: 1 tsp TID). I added a few steps myself so it read: shake well and give Amy 1 tsp by mouth three times daily until all the medicine has been taken. And she went ape shit. That's the problem you incompentent bitch. BY MOUTH? My daughter has an ear infection. Why would I give it to her by mouth? I paused and went through the reasons why we take meds by mouth and she then told me that she gave her daughter the medication in her ear becasue it was an ear infection and it oozed back out becasue the dose was too much. HELLO? By mouth as it was written on the script, not by ear? OMG! No wonder why the poor child had so many ear problems! After a quick call to the doctor I think things got straightened out.

JP PHARMD said...

My corporate office decided to file buy a pharmacies Rx's that were going out of business. We learned very quickly that this pharmacy would fill anything with a Dr signature (control craziness!). I refused to fill a patients oxycodone 30mg (#240 Q 30 days) 15 days early (but the other pharmacy always did and Im addicted and will go into detox and will end up in the ER...) and she called me a WHORE. Seriously, the best she could do was to call me a whore at the top of her lungs on a busy monday afternoon. No I didnt fill it early, or ever for that matter...

Oh, and I once had a guy tell me he would "put me over his knee and spank me" because I wouldnt fill his Vicodin ES from the ER since he just got this Norco 10 from the pain clinic 4 days ago.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I never said a tech, nurse, doc, patient, etc. couldn't submit a story and be eligible to win the gift card. So get to submitting!

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

the RPH wins!! Please contact me with your email so that I can send you your gift certificate. Thanks!!