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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blame It On Obamacare

Oh yes, it's super easy to blame all your healthcare woes on Obamacare!  I'm not gonna let you do that in 2014 because there are certain truths that will always be:

Drug copays increase January 1
Deductibles reset January 1

I am going to preemptively set out a cheese plate in the waiting room so you have accompaniment for your whine.  Your copays go up every January and you are still gonna bitch and moan like a 5 year old that didn't get a balloon at the birthday party.  Well suck it up cupcake because I am gonna get all grinchy poo on your whiney ass when the first syllable of Obamacare bounces off your pathetic little lips.

Why would I not be sympathetic to your plight? You or your spouse chose that insurance plan. Like 99.9% of the nation you didn't read the fine print in the contract that says copays can increase periodically without notice.  You also went el cheapo on your monthly payment and chose the high deductible plan so your drugs will only be slightly discounted until you meet the $5000 deductible.  On top of that after meeting the deductible you will still have copays so don't give me that stupid doe eyed stare of disbelief when a copay pops up.

The formulary also changes periodically without notice (again it's in the fine print you didn't bother to read) so that ridiculously overpriced brand new super duper awesome drug will cost you $55 or more and heaven help you if you bring in a copay discount coupon that you didn't call the toll free number to activate!  I hate coupons and even worse the moron that does not activate it then throws a tantrum when it doesn't work!

Moral to the story: a verbal smackdown awaits anyone who blames the inevitable on Obamacare!