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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Another Thanksgiving is rolling through and I want everyone in the United States to think about a few simple things.

1. No matter how much you complain about copays and having to sit in a waiting room for an extended amount of time to see your doctor to get a prescription be thankful that you have access to health care and medications.

2. In the event that something goes tragically wrong you can dial 911 and have police, fire, or emergency medical support in a matter of minutes (in most areas).

3. Public sanitation, indoor plumbing, and water treatment facilities all prevent disease by taking away waste that can contaminate your living environment, drinking water, and draw pest infestation.

4. Despite the punditry bullshit you hear about this being a "Christian" nation on television, you have the freedom to practice any religion that fits your spiritual needs but does not encroach on the freedoms or well being of others.

5. Routine vaccinations protect you from horrible diseases. You may not think this is important because we don't see these diseases on a regular basis but with world wide travel and shipping we are going to be exposed to these diseases and have had incidents of preventable disease run rampant in unvaccinated populations.

6. You have access to unlimited amounts of almost every food you could possibly ever want to eat and more. My aunt and uncle had a Russian foreign exchange student living with them. He wept openly the first time he walked into a grocery store. There is more food in each single supermarket here than most people see in a lifetime in other countries.

7. You have the right to keep a gun in your home and pop a cap in the ass of any douche bag that thinks he/she can snatch your stuff with no consequences.

8. You can type or speak or peaceably gather to let the powers that be know your frustrations and opinions on what they are doing.

9. Our welfare people live better than Chinese factory workers.

10. We have lower income taxes than most industrialized nations.

11. If you have a roof over your head, a job, money in your pocket and money in the bank then you are in the upper 8% of the wealthiest people in the world.

12. Our library system gives you tomes of entertainment and education information just for being a resident. It is free unless you forget to return the book in its allotted time...those fees add up...

13. Each and every one of us is guaranteed up to a 12th grade education. You can use this opportunity to better yourself or just piss it away. It is entirely up to you.

Thank you America! Even with all our problems you still f*cking rock when it comes to quality of life and being the land of plenty and if I was a citizen of another nation you can be f*cking sure I would be an illegal immigrant by any means necessary just to peruse your grocery stores!

For all of my holiday travelers, don't forget to pack medications in your carry on luggage!!! For all of my diabetic patients, please try not to over do it and make sure to have extra insulin on hand because you might need to go a little higher on your sliding scale this Thursday if you do.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow Through

I posted a comment for the "Darwin Award of the Month" blog entry that apparently pissed someone off. Filet didn't want to post it but I am going to comment on it because I laughed my ass off when I read it. For those of you who didn't read the post it was about a pharmacist who failed rehab and was busted passing fake rxs for narcotics for personal use. My comment was as follows:

See...rehab doesn't work 99.9% of the time. I just call junkies Lindsays...as in Lindsay Lohan...and damn that douche bag to hell (if there is one) for besmirching the title of pharmacist. I hope someone in prison shanks him!

So someone using the title Peacemaker had this to say:

Big & Tasty...What a lame screen name...You would be popular in the prison system. You are full of yourself, intellectually stunted at best, and write things that at least should get YOU shanked for stupidity, and at best are not even the least bit humorous. I would say that before you start quoting %'s about drug rehab, you should reread your code of ethics as a pharmacist. Assuming you are one, I am guessing that you probably sell weed out in the WalMart parking lot, and therefore consider yourself a pharmacist. I would begin a battle of whits with your dumb ass, but as the saying goes, it would be unair as you are clearly unarmed.

My response:

1. Big & Tasty is a fun name for a blog called FAST FOOD Pharmacy because it is an item off the McDonald's fast food menu. You also probably didn't read our blog mission statement.

2. I would be extremely popular in the prison system because I have double D's and can do some fun tricks with my tongue.

3. I have found different rehab centers have different statistics for failure. Once an addict, always an addict. Rehabs just train you to exchange your "bad" addiction for a "socially acceptable" addiction such as methadone, benzodiazepines, cigarettes, alcohol, macrame, suboxone, etc.

4. I follow the Pharmacist's code only when I wear the white coat and fight the good fight at the Pharmacy. When I am in my civilian life I can say and do whatever I want. When I blog I still leave out names and places for patient privacy but like to vent about the situations and people I deal with on a regular basis rather than "Go Postal" and pop some caps in some asses.

5. I think junkies are the shit of the earth falling somewhere below welfare scammers and somewhere above child molesters.

6. I have a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Science and have passed all examinations necessary for licensure in two states. I am a legitimate pharmacist, not a hustler.

7. I do not expect people to like me or find my thoughts humorous. I expect people to take what I say with whatever gravitas they want it to have. I am neither savior nor comedian, only one voice amongst thousands of bloggers. I like to read all commentary, especially if it is critical or asinine.

8. I feel the battle of wits would be more humorous for me as I rarely take people seriously when they lash out with hostility. I do wonder if you are Mr. Maister from the article or maybe a close associate of his? It would explain the hostility or maybe you just wanted to audition to be the "Jenny tail" for my human centipede?

To quote a really crappy movie for all who like to comment "Bring it on!"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Well this hits home

WOW!! Too true! Makes me kinda sad that others get the same abuse I do-daily!