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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little job satisfaction

Sorry I've been absent. Big N'Tasty and the new bloggers do an excellent job at keeping you all amused and informed. I am completely disenchanted with my job at the moment. Why do you ask? Oh let me start with how pharmacists are rarely respected in the retail field. Physicians (not Dr. Grumpy obviously), nurses, PA's, NP's, midwives, housewives, stay at home dads, blah are just real assholes lately. Sorry you have a freaking chip on your shoulder but why are you taking it out on me? I have enough shit to deal with when it comes to insurance issues, technician attitude depending on the day and front of the store managers coming back with pissy attitudes about random crap. We hardly ever hear a "thanks" when we call MD's office to correct errors, which in some case are life saving. All the customers bitch about is copays. I am NOT your insurance agent! Figure it out! So sick of Medicaid patients as well. STFU! You are getting a $600 med for $1 lousy freaking dollar! Go put the twinkies back and buy your med!! OK off to a black and tan...

I can't wait for my next vacation. Sigh..

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