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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday haps

Today was an odd day in our pharmacy. Usually we're not very busy on Fridays, but we were jumping all day. We also had to deal with a weird number of people that were upset about various things. Like a girl, first thing, that asked me where our urine cleansing systems were, and when I said we didn't have anything like that, got our store manager, who promptly sent her to the Ex-Lax. Good luck, loser.
The stupid of the day went to a reverend that denied picking up his Viagra script and yelled that we were keeping from his duties. What kind of church he runs, I don't want to know. (The pharmacist found his signature on the pick up log within 5 minutes. Bwah!)
Also, last week, we filled a Suboxone script for a woman that elected to stare at me type the script instead of using our handy waiting area. While waiting, her and her boyfriend were browing our selection of pill cases, cutters and the like. Boyfriend spots a pill crusher. "Hey," he says, "that's when you crush Oxys!" Dumm-y, all the way. I told my pharmacist after they left and she just shook her head. What can you do, really?


Cody said...

I wish we had a signature log, it would save so much hassle. As it is now, all we can really do is look up the transaction to see if it was paid by a card or check, and go from there. If it was paid with cash, we're S.O.L.

Keith said...

We have had so many problems with people on Suboxone, at the store where I work, that we no longer stock it. We had a mother and daughter taking it. They would get upset because we would not refill it too early and they would call the home office. Finally, the daughter was arrested and has gone to prison for something or other, and the doc cut the mother off.

MJH, CPhT said...

You don't have a signature log? What would you do if you had an insurance audit?! And if you don't think it'll happen to you (because you're just a small pharmacy or because you never cause problems, etc.), you should think again. Our tiny little pharmacy in our tiny little town has been hit a couple times already. If you don't have signature logs, you are in a load of trouble...