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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nice Try Jackass

A man in his 40's walked up to me, a customer we'll just call "Mr. Seeker", and thrust his bottle at me, demanding to know why his Oxycontin wasn't working. So, upon investigating the pills that were left, at first glance they appeared to be 20mg. Oxycontin. But when I checked the pill I.D., it turned out to be a generic (AURO) simvastatin. When I informed Mr. Seeker of this, he seemed enraged that we could mess this up so bad, and demanded that I fix the problem. Since I was the only one filling the CII's here the day it was filled, the possibility of a tech or someone else tampering was not a reality, especially since Mr. Seeker told me that he waited on the Oxycontin to be filled that day. It never even hit the 'will-call' box. "I'm sorry Mr. Seeker, but I filled this prescription personally, and I can guarantee you that that bottle was filled with 60 Oxycontin when it left here." Of course he just stared at me, wondering what to do next. So I told him that if he would be able to wait for a spell, I could do some checking to 'verify' this. Not that I have anything else to do, jackass. "Good, you do that", Mr. Seeker said, with hope in his eyes. Well, when I pulled up his file, guess what other drug (among many) that Mr. Seeker takes? You guessed it, simvastatin 20mg filled two weeks before the Oxycontin. For the hell of it, I ran a quick inventory of my Oxycontin 20's, and as I thought, it was tight on the spot right-on. "Mr Seeker, I'm sorry, but it looks as if you might have gotten your pills mixed up. Do you ever remove all of the pills from one bottle and mistakenly put them in another? Because these pills here are your simvastatin 20mg." He looked hurt and pointed at me and shouted,"I'll have your job for this!!!!".
Sighhhhhhhh. Mr.Seeker, you can have it right about now.
Well, my 15 minute lunch is over. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Guzzo said...

I've had the same thing happen to me. Had a young women with her infant in tow (get out of jail free device?) tell me I gave her amoxicillin instead of hydrocodone.

I just filled both Rxs for her and asked her to bring in both bottles. Of course, she only brought in the hydrocodone bottle, containing the amoxicillin. I asked her why she didn't bring in both bottles and she said she didn't think it was important.

For some unknown reason, she became upset when I called the police to witness the incident, then left the store quickly. ;-)

I guess she must have run this scam in other pharmacies because a few weeks later, the police came to my home to identify her from a photo line-up.

I'm sure that "Mr. Seeker" is will be changing his name to a number pretty soon.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Gotta give him points for creativity.

Susan said...

I think this happens to all of us at one time or another. They don't even get points for creativity anymore since we have seen it so many times.

My solution for this problem:

Me: "Let me check the security recording for that day... It shows me counting and recording all RX's, so I am sure we will get to the bottom of this"

Seeker: "Ugh... your camera records you FILLING, too?"

Me: "It sure does! The cameras are everywhere. They record EVERYTHING in the pharmacy"

Seeker: "Oh, well, ugh, you know... maybe, ugh, I don't know, ugh... maybe my kid mixed them up. I'll get back to you."

Me: "Ok, bye bye now!"

(They never revisit this topic and strangely enough, never have another problem!)

C said...

Jackass indeed.

Fries With That, tech said...

Lol - it IS better than "I knocked them down the sink".

On a side note - Oxycontin 80 looks an awful lot like the Teva brand pravastatin 40, I believe it is. At an old store I worked at, an intern actually DID make that mistake, he had one Oxycontin left in the tray, counted simvastatin, and thankfully the lady went to church with one of our pharmacists, and crisis averted when she showed her at church.

The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

What is funny is the title of your post is exactly what I say to myself about the seekers that try to pull this crap on me. As they walk away I inevitably say to myself "Nice try jackass" without even thinking about it, lol. And being a floater is the worst because they think if you aren't one of the regular pharamcists you are some kind of damn Santa Claus that will just give out anything to anyone that asks. Or they think I'm an idiot. Either way it is a waste of time and annoying to say the least!