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Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Cheap Ass doctors-do NOT do this unless you enjoy pissing me off!!

Hey you know who you are special MD's who like to boss us low life pharmacists around,

Do NOT put what the cost of the medication on the prescription. We have our own prices set by corporate. DO NOT ever write $4 on the script unless you are sending your patient to a pharmacy that definitely does not care about being a pharmacy and are strictly a factory drug farm. Even then how can you guarantee that pharmacy is going to honor that price?

What kind of bullshit is this?! How about I write "no copay" on their prescription, send their happy ass back to your office and demand a refund for their visit?

Stop playing games! I don't have time for that!! I spend too much time explaining why YOU chose to do something so incredibly stupid! Who does this? Total douchebags screwing over the pharmacist again and again.

THANKS for nothing!!


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