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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About blister packs

Just once, I would like to be caught up on the blister pack schedule. Or even ahead, for a change. But even though I don't interact with the regular customers while I'm in the back processing blister packs, there are always some kind of pitfalls or drama or both. I have a nice caregiver come in one weekend that I work and ask if her client can transfer his blister packs from his current pharmacy to us. Sure, no problem, as long as he has refills, it's all good. Monday morning comes and the caregiver calls for those blister packs. Hmm, let's call the other pharmacy for that transfer. No refills, you say? Ok let's call the Dr. and ask for a new med list. And you want these 15 meds done when? In an hour??? Considering that I'm off in 10 minutes, and there is no hope of that getting finished in time, I get to leave a detailed note for the next victim who is lucky to do blister packs. Next day, I heard that we got the blister packs done in record time for this client, and the caregiver comes to pick them up, and asks "Where's the rest of it?" We generally fill 1 month or less at a time, with about 2 months of refills on file. Apparently they were expecting all 3 months of his medication to be blister packed at one time. My boss said no, here's one month for you now, come back next month for the next set. They refused to take the blister packs, so now I get to return it all back to stock. That's 1 hour out of my life that I will not get back, thanks to them. Oh yeah, three guesses which shift I get to work tomorrow?? Let the games begin!


OntarioTech said...

Its never enough. Even when you feel you've gone above and beyond to satisfy a customer they'll find something wrong with it.

I know this isn't ALWAYS the case, but it can sure feel like it!!

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain to me at what point do you tell a patient/patient's caregiver that you're sorry but your pharmacy doesn't have the resources or whatever to make them happy, and that perhaps they would like to have their prescriptions transferred elsewhere? You wasted an hour of work, all those supplies, and another 20 minutes putting everything back into inventory. Do you really need to keep their business?