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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Contest winner

Holy slacker I am! Sorry peeps but I forgot about the contest until Tasty reminded me.

Here is the winner of the Amazon gift certificate. Please contact me so that I can get that out to you.

the RPh said...

So I was working at "Big Chain Pharmacy" and called a Dr's office to verify a very iffy control Rx. I left the message on the "urgent" line. About 20 minutes later the nurse/office manager called back and asked my tech what our address was so she could send 911. I got on the phone and told her we didn't need 911, that we were a pharmacy. She said that since I left a message on their "emergency" line, I must need 911 and asked for the address once again. After two more attempts to tell her my reason for calling and her insisting that I must need 911...we got into an arguement and I told her she change her voicemail message to make it clear that they would call 911. She told me she would relay the message to the Dr and I said for her to try to not be a b*tch wehn she did. Long story short, I no longer work for "Big Chain Pharmacy"...but I'm proud of myself for standing up against rudeness!


Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I f*cking hate cunty office staff!

The RPh said...

Hey, I won! That's cool! Thanks for the validation guys!