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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It isn't ON SALE?

In my attempts to decipher the garbled mumbo jumbo from a what seemed to be a pretty smart gal's mouth, I made the mistake of suggesting an OTC product that matched each and every one of her multiple symptoms. I left my fishbowl, waving goodbye to my technicians knowing that I would be pummeled in the aisle with such lovely questions as "where is the toilet cleaner" or "can I drop my film off with you honey?". I lovingly hand selected the item and proudly handed the item to the customer. My OTC professor would have been so proud of my selection--McNeil too, of course. The lady quickly scanned the item and glanced at the other cough/cold meds. "WHAT?! IT ISN'T ON SALE? I CANNOT TAKE THIS!!!" and threw the item back at me and grabbed a box of $1.99 Claritin. Well FUCK YOU TOO.

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