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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Open letter to anyone who does not have cash, credit, or checks. In our modern society businesses use specific forms of universally accepted currency i.e. cash, cedit, or checks. Yes, we even take those little gold "quarters" or Sacajawea dollars that you got as change from the stamp machine or public transit ticket machine (those are the only places I have ever seen them used). We do accept various vouchers, manufacturer free-trial coupons, manufacturer discount coupons, etc. for your applicable prescription. I cannot accept "collateral" for your Percocet prescription because you are short eleven dollars of the exorbitant eleven dollar and ninety-nine cent price. I cannot help that you have to catch the bus to court this morning or that you sat in the ER for six hours for those precious eight (yes, EIGHT) tablets that are on the spittle-soaked prescription paper. The pawn shop down the street opens at 8AM. We do not take credit cards over the phone. Good day, sir! I said, Good Day!

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Mother Jones RN said...

I can only imagine what you go through when you tell them that you don't take collateral. After all, they are ENTITLED to their pain killers, right? Good grief, I don't know how you do your job.