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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drive Thru etiquette

  • It is a DRIVE THRU, not a drive in and wait. We are a pharmacy and although we give the appearance of being a fast food joint, we are NOT Sonic!!
  • Please finish your cell phone conversation before starting your transaction with the technician or pharmacist. Do we stand at the window with our cell phone to our ear? NO! It is called respect for a professional and the job we are trying to do for you.
  • Please do not shove a burger down your throat while I am trying to converse with you about important matters such your allergy information, etc. The last thing the majority of you need is a burger.
  • Do not throw your money, insurance card, state welfare assistance program paper (it is NOT insurance), etc. in the drawer. No vacuum exists to sweep it up into my arms. Plus it is generally just RUDE. I may not be wearing a fast food restaurant cap to identify myself, but I am trusted professional that deserves respect.
  • Just b/c a window separates you and I does not give you the right to treat us like dirt. Don't think for a minute I will not refuse to fill your prescription if you cuss at me or give me the finger. You can just go somewhere else b/c trust me-we get 10 new prescriptions for every one methadone prescription you take to the grocery store next door.
  • Nope-I will not give you one or two tabs of vicodin to hold you over b/c we have a 10 minute wait. More than likely you waited in the ER for 4 hours and pretended you were in pain to get that 12 vicodin but too bad--you gotta wait.
  • The drive thru was originally intended for people with kids and the handi-capped, NOT for fetching your OJ, condoms, needles, lighters, film, etc. And don't fucking roll your eyes at me b/c I won't get that shit for you! Burn some calories and walk into the store!
  • I hate the drive thru.
  • Thank you reading this post and have please have more respect for those who serve you in a retail setting.


whitecoat said...

Oh, God...
I used to work 11-hour days at a methadone pharmacy. The only thing it DIDN'T have was a drive-thru. I cannot imagine what that must be like!

vicodinfairy said...

Best request ever:

Poor poor patient: "I'm sending my son to pick up my Vicodin because I'm in SO MUCH pain. Could you put a disposable camera with that so he doesn't have to come inside?"

Me: "I'm sorry, ma'am, but we don't shop out the drive through. The photo counter is at the opposite end of the store and we carry about 80 styles of camera. I can point out where they are for your son if he comes inside" (needless to say, he would have to go right by them to get to the Rx counter)

Ppp: "You couldn't just grab me a camera so he doesn't have to get out of his car?"

Me: "No ma'am, we do not shop out the drive-thru"


Me: (to dead receiver) "Fuck you very much!"

Drive thru=evil

Anonymous said...

When people call MediCare (Medi-Cal in California, ie., welfare for slobs) I like to exclaim, "Ohhhhhh, you have insurance? Which one?" Then, "Oh, I thought you meant insurance-insurance. Yeah...that's not insurance. I was just wondering, cause, you know. I bill that differently. Not insurance. That's Medi-Cal." What I want to say is, "No, see, welfare is not insurance. Insurance is what you get when you get off your fat ass and work like everyone you see here behind the counter. Please have a seat."

Anonymous said...

As a pharmacy technician, I couldn't agree more.

Everything you said was accurate right down to the T.

Anonymous said...

I work for a small chain and they are going to put in a drive thru. The place we wait on the customers is at the front of the pharmacy, and the drive thru about 25-30 feet away from the inside customers.
Got any suggestions on how to work two windows so far apart and still give good customer service?
Kinda like putting the frige in the living room . flour in bedroom and stove in kitchen, and putting together a meal in 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hello, our store is putting a drive thru in. We will wait on customers in the store at the front and in the back, about 25-30 feet away, we will wait on customers in the drive thru. Anyone got any recomendations on how to give good customer service when the drive thru is on opposite end of the pharmacy's front counter