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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Patient Self Test #1

When you go the the pharmacy to ask for a recommendation, you should:
a. Say "Hello?! Yeah, I have a question" before you get to the counter (so they know you are coming)
b. Continue speaking even if you see the pharmacist is on the phone
c. Say something under your breath, look at your watch and stare at the pharmacist impatiently

When the pharmacist is done with his phone call, you should:
a. Begin asking your question as he is moving the phone away from his ear
b. Wait until he hangs up the phone but ask before he has the chance to help anyone who may have been there before you
c. Ask him "What can I take for this cold that is going around?" and then cough in his direction without covering your mouth

When the pharmacist asks what specific symptoms you have, you should:
a. Say "You know, the aches and stuff"
b. Look at him like he is stupid when he asks what "stuff" means
c. Cough again, sigh loudly and say "I don't know, like a cold and stuff"

When the pharmacist walks out into the aisle and recommends an OTC medication, you should:
a. Hold it in your hand and stare blankly at it so that the pharmacist knows you do not believe him
b. Allow him to start walking away and then ask "So...this is the best thing to get?"
c. Put the product back on the shelf, wait 2 minutes, go to the counter, interrupt him, and have him ring you up for a different product that you picked out on your own

When the pharmacist is trying to suppress his anger while he is ringing you up, you should:
a. Tell him you picked it out because you remember seeing a commercial about colds and the medication had a "green box"
b. Ask him why it is $4.99 when the tag on the shelf said $3.99 (even though you know you are most likely wrong)
c. Shake your head in obvious disgust and then pay with a 100 dollar bill

When the pharmacist is getting your change from the register, you should:
a. Open your cell phone and start a personal phone call
b. Act like he is being rude when he trys to count out your change for you while you are talking
c. Say to your friend "No, it's ok, It's just the pharmacist talking"

When you get back in your car, you should:
a. Take double the maximum recommended dose on the box
b. Not put on your seatbelt
c. Drive off a cliff


Have It My Way RPh


Mother Jones RN said...


Thanks for checking out my blog, and for inviting me to yours. I love your blog, and so does my 80 year old mother. Believe me, she's a tough audience. I just wanted you to know that I'm adding you to my blog roll.


MrHunnybun said...

Pharmacy is thw same thw world over then, right? I hate it when people waste your time, ask for a recommendation and then buy something else that a, won't work and b, they are only buying it because it is cheap! Sure try an antacid for heartburn, or maybe buy a PPI that will actually work.

Love the blog. Nice to know that others suffer just like I do :)

Scott said...

Hilarious! Pharmacy is a special kind of hell.

RXkerber said...

I had an elderly lady ask me to recommend a calcium supplement for her. I went with the Citrical since Calcium citrate is best for the elderly. She looked at it and then had the cojones to say. "I think I'll ask my neighbor." I couldn't suppress the comeback, "does your neighbor have any medical training." More blank stares. I just wanted to punch her.