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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My job-My corazon

I LOVE MY JOB. I am thankful not to be addicted to methadone and have to hop around from ER to walk-in clinic to get #12 Vicodin. I am thankful I don't have 6 kids with 6 different last names and 6 different state welfare cards that I would certainly lose in my fake Gucci bag. I am thankful for never getting a lunch or break b/c I most sure would get fat! I am thankful for my 12 hour days b/c it teaches me many lessons, one of which is the day never gets any better/slower as time goes on. I am thankful that Uncle Sam takes a large sum of money out of my paycheck to line someone else's pocket. I am thankful for my great store personnel that I cannot ask a question to b/c they will surely bite my head off b/c they are truly more stressed that I stocking TP. I am thankful for the technicians that won't even wait on their own kind so that I will never accuse them of bad customer service if they are consistent. I am thankful to take small sips of water in between answering multiple questions about the cost of BP machines, getting belittled by a nurse about a mistake she made and cashiering b/c large sips would surely cause me to pee and that means less productivity for the company I work for. BAD pharmacist! I am thankful to not be religious b/c I would hate to go to church for 4 hours to redeem myself then cuss at the local pharmacist for a 10 cent increase in co-pay amount from LAST YEAR. I am thankful for college for never teaching me how to be an insurance agent. I learned on the job. Hey thanks again! I am thankful to be a pharmacist and witness the decline of health care by drug companies, my job turning into a that of a fast food employee's and the dumbing down of society for many, many reasons.

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