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Friday, April 16, 2010

Why bother?

Why, oh why, do people bother putting "See ID" on their credit cards, especially their HSA cards, if they're going to share them with a spouse? Or possibly a not-spouse, am I supposed to be a handwriting expert as well as everything else? The evil side of me says, "Reject it!" the realistic side of me knows I don't have time for the argrument.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Never worth the time wasted on arguing with these people.

Fries With That, tech said...

I hear ya! I got in trouble once for following procedure with one of these (if you read the Visa/MC card merchant agreements, you are to check ID, then get them to sign over the "See ID" on the back. Unless "See ID" is their name, it's not a valid signature.)

Anyway, the lady refused to sign the card, I refused to take it, they were unable to cancel the transaction because she had bought a gift card on it, long story short, I just don't even pretend to care any more. Until I personally start getting in trouble for chargebacks, I'll keep on not checking ID.

The Cynical Intern said...

I've tried playing that game, Fwtt. Then my (store) manager came up and didn't understand what the problem was, his ID says See ID on it. I died a little inside.

I still don't check the ID, and urge everyone I know not to write that on there, because if your card is stolen, and the credit card company somehow manages to recover it...Saying See ID voids any kind of protection you have on false charges because signing the back of your card is you agreeing to the terms. So signing see ID means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Visa/MC agreements say if your customer presents an unsigned card, you are to verify their ID matches the card, then have them sign the card and verify this signature against the one on their ID.

AmEx's agreement says this as well, in addition to stating in no uncertain terms that AmEx cards are valid for use ONLY by the cardholder... not the cardholder's spouse, etc.

(AFAIK, there's nothing that says you can't have "See ID" on the back of your card, IF you also have a valid signature there.)

Anonymous said...

I hate this! And I especially hate that when you ask for ID, they look at you like you are inconveniencing them. what? If you really want me to "see ID" then give it to me with the card. dont wait for me to ask for it.