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Monday, April 26, 2010

Infection,scourge of the computerverse

Friday and Saturday were spent not in the pursuit of pharmacological excellence, not in stamping out disease, pestilence, and paperwork, but in hunting down and eliminating an evil computer virus. I am not even vaguely a computer geek, although I'm related to several. This required all the time, quiet, and patience you rarely get in a retail pharmacy. It also required the help of not one, but two experts.

But, after being tricked into thinking the virus had been crushed on Friday, I would not be a victim again on Saturday. At 5 minutes til close, the evil worm was finally vanquished, deleted, detroyed.

This was a victory for me in several ways, because I am not a techno-idiot, but there is a reason I'm in the Life Sciences: I'd rather read a real book, use a real typewriter, and not have to fight with the computerverse to get my work done.

So, a curse upon the twisted creators of computer viruses, and thanks again, you computer geeks.

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