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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am a pharmacy clairvoyant.

Over the course of my three years in pharmacy I think I have developed pharmacy clairvoyance. Maybe its a side effect of coming into contact with so many idiots, or pill powder, who knows, but I now have this super human power of being able to tell what a patient is bringing in before the script is in my hot little hands.

Take for instance the other day. A very young mom of two comes in, hands me her "insurance" card, immediately my super power kicks in and narrows the drug choices down to VD or Prenatal. VD won out in this battle.

Then we have the young men coming in for needles for Grams or Pop-Pop. Not buying what they're selling, but can see them coming from the front door. Lets just say I really liked my Grandma, but I wouldn't buy her needles.

Just remember, this super human power also works for forgeries.

- McFury, CPhT


Pharmd Biker said...

I know what you mean. I get that feeling when the one guy comes in for "300cc syringes that must have 1.5in. needles for Grandma's insulin."

Burger Doodle Chicks said...

So, do your superpowers extend to knowing ahead of time those days you should have just stayed in bed? We're not having a worst-ever day (ie zippers and ew! involved) but it's a holy cow, i need chocolate kinda day, and I didn't see that coming and stock up.

Fries With That, tech said...


What she said. Had to actually call security on one of our regulars today, a guy I used to see every morning on my way to work, sitting outside the cleaners offering shoe-shines.

pharmacy schools said...

you meet a wide spectrum of human personalities at a pharmacy. sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and often addicts.

Calirph said...

Sometimes I need only to hear a person's voice, and I know what's coming. I think addicts have a vocal profile.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

My favorite is when you answer the phone and hear a familiar voice belonging to a patient that is either going to be really high-maintenance and slow to understand or an addict needing to get XYZ controls filled early due to XYZ tragedy, loss, theft, holiday, vacation, etc. Although I do give some of them points for creativity!