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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just To Reiterate

1. Having a little plastic or paper insurance card does NOT guarantee that you or your dependents have coverage. It even says so on the card.

2. Your card didn't work. Would you like to sign up for our lovely corpo discount plan for a better price on your $230 bottle of magic lotion? (Motion over the poster with my hands like Vanna White introducing a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.)

3. Throwing a fit and rudely demanding the prescription back after we take the time to call your insurance company does not ruin our day as much as the representative telling us that your dependent is not on your policy ruins yours.

4. You annoying the sh*t out of a different pharmacist does not bother me in the least but the other pharmacist may beg to differ. It also doesn't change the fact that your insurance no worky and you will be waiting to hear the same bad news all over again.

5. I get paid whether I get the pleasure of dealing with your douchey attitude or not. That is the joy of "working for the man."

6. I will still give you a smile and talk in my most annoying high pitched happy voice while sh*tting in your Wheaties with the unfortunate insurance details because that is the corporate way.

Enjoy your Wheaties douche bag!

Oh yeah and for those other douche bags, protesting that you "made a payment like yesterday" or "deposited a check yesterday" does not mean your credit card is active again. It takes a day or two to process most transactions, especially if you paid with or deposited a check. DUH!!

1 comment:

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Love it. Even better when they don't have the insurance card, but want you to take something they "copied off it" written on a cigarette box or their hands.

Yeah, and these people will argue about how they can't afford that $15 copay, while you notice they've filled up their shopping cart with cheap beer and a couple cases of smokes.