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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey doc--do you have time to kiss my ass?

So it is almost time (9:50 PM) to close up shop and the goddamn doctor's line rings. I was enjoying a few minutes of bliss since Grace and Gratitude had not played in the last 8 minutes and my last drive-thru customer was rather pleasant in a pervy kind of way. I pick up the phone praying it was one of my colleagues calling to rant about a nasty customer (what a support group we have) but nope--it was Dr. IamaGod.

The following is our actual conversation:

"Hi. This is Dr. I amaGod. What time do you close?"

me: "10"

him: "10 PM?"

me: inside voice: "NO! 10 am! What do you think? What store CLOSES at 10 AM?" but I said in an annoyed voice "Yes, 10 PM"

him: "Good. That will give you enough time to fill this prescription."

me: "Oh will it?"

him: "Yes."

me: "hmmm"

him: "You will fill it."

me: "Are you asking me or telling me?"

him after a bit of silence: "Just fill it."

me: inside voice "Oh really? And what if I don't?? Are you going to cry to your mommy?"

What a jerk. Needless to say I filled it for the patient's sake but the patient never showed up.

What a waste of my time.


Mc RPh said...

It would be a shame if Dr. Dipshitz didn't have the patient's birthdate handy. If it couldn't be entered into the computer, I guess the doctor would have to be paged whenever the patient finally did decide to go to a 24 hour store in the middle of the night. Hmmmmm. He didn't need to be so hasty. When they get like that, I tell them "I'm not in the mood for your attitude and I can promise you that you aren't in the mood for mine". But that's why I'm stuck with such a shitty job. =)

nic said...

I just found you guys linked from angrypharmacist.com. Which one of you took my old position? I was a third-shift pharmacist for awhile and am now laughing my bum off at your stories.

I worked Christmas Eve overnight and this man presented a script from the ER for two vicodin. That's right, TWO. The doctor had written out T-W-O but strangely enough the digits were 2-0, the zero added with a wobbly hand in a different shade blue ink. I got to use the phrase "Santa's not bringing vicodin for Christmas" for the first time ever. Under my breath, not to the patient. That was my Christmas spirit, that and not calling the cops on him because he was about 65 years old and shaking like a leaf. I also called the ER and the doc denied even the two pills since the patient screwed with the prescription.

Oh the stories we can tell.

Mary Lu - PharmD's Wife said...

McRph Cast Members,

It's even more fun to spend a good portion of an evening watching Dr.PharmD trying and track Dr. Dipshitz down when his patients are having a problem and needs a change in meds in the middle of the night. This silly selfish b@stard won't return any or answer his pager. So Dr.PharmD has to call the Chief and he's unamused. Turns out Dr.Dipshitz is McSniveling in the sheets with his HornyBuns and left his pager in the car.

McF'in wonderful! And you Community Folks think you're having all the fun! Come to my house. I do have plenty of alcohol to self medicate yourself while you're laughing at Dr.PharmD's evening!

John said...

maaaan...i would have just let the phone ring.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I like to think that the rx should be stored so that no matter where or when the patinet shows up the rx is not ready. The patient suffers because they use Dr. Douchebag for "emergencies." .....but why would I let someone suffer, because it allows me to brush up on my schadenfreude...

Mc RPh said...

Party at mary lu's house. See you there!

albertapharm said...

just trying you out from a link at angrypharmacist, which makes me laugh, which I print out an force all my pharmacy students/interns to read so they can get the real feel of what this god-forsaken job is like after about 15 years of dealing with the pissant public! Furthermore, I would have hung up the phone in that asshole doctors ear, he can phone me in the morning!

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Holy shit! He called again the other day and was NICE. Do you think he remembered me? Little ol' pharmacist me? Probably not. Sigh...