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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ask for an ID, unless it's me

Some patients get paranoid, so they request that we see an ID every time they pick up a prescription.

Fair enough. You want security, fine. Just make sure you remember that ID every time!

Tonight, I had to deal with a whining, crying patient without an ID.

What did she think this meant?

I had never seen this woman before; she went to another store for everything until today. How do I know she isn't an imposter?

So, I said "NO, I am bound to follow YOUR instructions".

People want to have it both ways. They want total security, but they want us to break those rules if they mess up. Make up your mind! Either we ask an ID every time or never. We don't know who you are! We've never seen you before!


Anonymous said...

The majority of the pain patients we have are all whiny and pathetic and paranoid. I also want to tell them "Hey-you are high. I am not. I don't find your twitching/tweeking funny or cool and I surely don't feel sorry for you so just pay with your handful of change and get the fark out!"

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

It is especially bad with Viagra prescriptions. "My ex-boyfriend has been picking up my Viagra. I told the pharmacy to ask for ID but no one did. I have to file a police report now." Well, there was no ask ID note on the profile but I made sure to put it ALL over that profile just for him!

vicodinfairy said...

Had a woman do this to me on Sunday. SHE said we didn't give her her grandkid's Adderall about 6 mos. ago, wanted an ID requirement. Sunday she pulls up and points to the kid's mom in the passenger seat and says "I don't have to show you my ID. This is his mom and she wants his meds." Like I know what the kid's freakin' mom looks like. YOU asked for the ID requirement. SHOW ME YOUR DAMN ID.

RXkerber said...

OMG - happened to me too. Whole freaking family. Notes said not only ID required, but to be picked up by the patient ONLY. Dad came in to pick up for daughter. No can do. She is 18 y/o. He started screaming saying it stemmed from a problem a couple of years ago. I don't know that nor do I know them. Too freaking bad. Called the house to get her permission and mom didn't want to wake poor thing up (it was 11am). Too f'in bad. Mom started yelling too. What a morning. Only following their stupid wishes.

vicodinfairy said...

Ok, same patient two days ago. Risperdal was picked up by the Grandma a couple of hours before. The mom shows up, we told her it was sold. She says no one else could've picked it up and WHY DIDN'T WE ASK FOR ID?!? I told her becuase YOU told ME PERSONALLY two weeks ago to remove the ID requirement! I hate people.