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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Customer Complaint

So, I had a customer complain about me today to my store manager. According to her every time she comes in I look at her like I'm better than her and I "look down on her". First of all, don't go to my store manager to complain about me. They don't care and you are only giving us something to laugh about after you leave. On second thought, complain all you like. Anyway, he comes back and tells me what she said, so I think back and remember the top 10 reasons that it's probably true:

10. She's on state medicaid and she's a frequent flyer on Vicodin Airlines
9. She has 3 kids with 3 different last names
8. She once bought cigarettes and had to "come back later" because she didn't have 2 dollars left for her son's inhaler
7. She never came back
6. She once interrupted me when I was counseling someone to ask me "where the condoms where at"
5. She didn't say thank you and she apparently never used the condoms
4. She smokes when she has the three kids in the car with her and "doesn't need no counseling" because her kids have had the bronchitis antibiotics "tons of times"
3: She once asked me why the doctor would write for something if it wasn't covered, because she "doesn't pay for shit"
2: She said this in front of her three kids (the oldest being 7)
1. She makes me want to drive a cement filled car over niagra falls every damn time I see her face

So, yes, I am better than you. And yes, I will proudly display it every time you come in my store. Have a great day


Anonymous said...

oh yes, I have had that complaint about me too. and I treated her the same as everyone else that came into my mcpharmacy. some people just feel important when they complain. although all it actually does is provide laughter....

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Wow! That is some funny stuff! I think she comes to my mcpharmacy too...

Anonymous said...

I had someone tell me last night that he had "a horrendous experience" with our pharmacy. A little while later into the half-hour conversation (during peak hours I might add) I realized I had helped him before and talked to him for a half-hour that night as well. I thought I had done a good job by getting his information corrected, but nonetheless he complained to both the store and Rx managers, and wrote an email to corporate which he described as giving them a "good time" sarcastically of course. And he was a teacher. Influencing our future generation. No wonder kids these days are such impatient little assholes. And yes, I do think I am better than most of the patients!! And I'm just a tech on the way to becoming a pharmacist. Yikes...

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Where can I complain about customers?

Anonymous said...

Pretend that your not pharmacists and then read this post and these comments again.

You sound extremly arrogant. I have bene reading the pharmacists blogs for awhile now, and this is the first post that really sounded offensive.

Comments such as "Yes, I do think I'm better than most of my patient's" are really uncalled for. First of all, they aren't your patient's, they're your customers.

When a 6.25 an hour tech actually thinks she is better than most of her customer's, just what is it that you pharmacists are teaching your help?

Anonymous said...

They're patients. They are coming in for medication, not bread and milk. Yes, pharmacists can be irreverant, but when you bust your ass to help someone and they ignore what you have to say (when it's in their best interest), it's very frustrating. The writer is just blowing off some steam. If you're offended, leave.

vicodinfairy said...

I had a woman come in today and be completely bitchy about some Climara patches. You see, she wanted brand name and the doctor had faxed an RX that CLEARLY read "Generic Sub Permitted". She proceeded to deride my best tech about the lousy service she got SOMEWHERE ELSE and then after we changed the med to brand (DAW-2) and told her we'd have it ready in 5-10 minutes she had the balls to say "It's in a box already...why should it take so long?" I told her, very politely, that I had to review the prescription first and I had several people ahead of her. She said "Well, excuse me for being bitchy, but I'm sick of arguing with you people about this."

So you see, anonymous one, most of our patient's think they're better than US. That their time is more valuable, their lives more important, and that they have the right to be nasty and derogatory to me and my staff. I have been sworn at and called terrible names by people that I wouldn't piss on if their faces were on fire. I am expected to take it with a smile on my face...most often I do. Here in cyberspace we vent to each other. It keeps us from venting at patients...and yes, they are patients. I do medication reviews for all scripts, I teach nebulizer use, inhaler technique, I give information and advice. If only the law allowed me to treat them as just customers I could just sell the product and go back to my CE. I'm sure you gripe about work to your friends. Get off your high horse.

Mc RPh said...
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Mc RPh said...

I have been called anti-semitic, racist, bald-asshole, faggot and fucking idiot by some of my patients. I'm not, not, am, am and am most certainly not. What recourse am I allowed? Only this blog and bitching to friends. At work, I smile and take it, all while trying to prevent harm in the lives of my patients. So, anonymous, as I believe it was Socrates who said... "Go fuck thyself".

"I don't care if people think I'm racist, just as long as they think I'm thin" - Sarah Silverman

FDPharmD said...

"Comments such as "Yes, I do think I'm better than most of my patient's" are really uncalled for. First of all, they aren't your patient's, they're your customers."

First off we are health professionals, not retail clerks, so yes they are patients. I take an active part in their health care. I am not there to put pills in a bottle and make money. That is part of it, but really I am there to make sure the pills will not kill them and their doctor did not screw up. We help and save lives, so they are PATIENTS. I have never called them customers and never will. They are customers of the store but they are my patients when they belly up to my counter.

Next Vicodinfairy, I feel your pain, I had a woman come in for her Renova (tretinoin emulsion crap) and she had never had a prescription at my pharmacy before, so I got her info and told her it would be about 15 minutes, because there were 3 ahead of her and I had to put in all of her info. The response "well it is a cream (not really it is an emulsion, but I did not get into that with her) you just have to put a label on it you dont even have to count it or anything". I responded that if that is the case I will grab the first thing I see and slap a label on it and we will see what it does to your face". Not necessarily in those words but you guys get the idea.

Anyway she went to starbucks and came back in 15 minutes to a nice tube with her name and a $115 price tag because it was not covered by her insurance.

Inconsiderate/Rude/Stupid people really annoy me. Especially those who do not think we are real health care workers and only see people as customers. If we saw people that way I would probably be out of business.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I was already to offer an appology until I was so elequently told to go "FUCK MYSELF"...

If it's any consolation, I have never once ever given my pharmacist a hard time, and his personality is not even similar to what I have witnessed in this thread. I have gotten my scripts from the same place for over 3 decades and NEVER have I had any ill feelings towrds anyone who works there. I also have never complained to anyone, why would I? I guess I was just shocked to know that you guys hate patient's so badly. I will now look at my pharmacists with different eyes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

As mean and nasty as some people are, they forget to see the bigger picture..... I know you and your kindred's whereabouts. If you come through the drive-thru I even have access to your make, model, and tag number. I may even know many of your habits and hangouts and which family member or pet you love the most from previous conversations. Your medical history shows me weaknesses you may not even know you have...... I tend to be nice to people who have this information. You never know how crazy a person really is. Have you watched the news?

Mc RPh said...

Ooh, creepy. Have you seen the movie 'One Hour Photo'? I guess the moral of the disturbing comment above is not to piss people off who know where you live. Very unsettling, anonymous. I'd hate to take a look in your freezer.

Anonymous said...

You know you guys here really are pathetic...I have not used one swear word nor have I THREATENED anyone! I only asked you to read what you had written because I thought you sounded quite arrogant, and i still do.

Its almost amazing that you call yourselves professionals. Oh and just so you know...my husband has been a police detective for over 20 years, so, BRING IT ON, MAN! As for me, well Im a registered nurse in emergency medicine and Ive done it for many many years..I can tell you we deal with some of the most lowest forms of human existance ever. but, I still dont think i'm one damn bit better than anyone else. Maybe just a little more fortunate but not better.

Oh and i dont have to use 4 letter words or make threats to get a point across. I'm sorry you didn't have enough education to have mastered that.

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...
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Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

For the LOVE OF GOD, stop reading our blog, "anonymous" nurse (i.e. too cowardly to have a real name), if you don't like it! Vicodinfairy summed it up=it is a forum to vent. Do you get what blogs are about?
If you truly knew this person, you would realize he was being sarcastic! We all went into this profession to help people, not to shit on them. Sorry they shit on you! Literally.
You are too sensitive.

Mc RPh said...
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Mc RPh said...

Oh, anonymous, haven't we moved on? In the days since our little row, we have witnessed a perfectly lovely blog posted about a homeless man's nut sack... yet you're still trying to save face. Please give it up.

First of all, your initial argument was flawed with the whole patients/customers thing. That turns a lot of people off when you dismiss an entire profession. I like nurses very much and would never be inclined to dismiss their profession based on what a group of them said behind the scenes. For example, after reading your post, I don’t assume all nurses are humorless, thin-skinned killjoys who married the first guy that knocked them up.

Second, I am a consummate professional all day at work. I bend over backwards for most of my patients. I actually have had the pleasure of spending time out of work with many of them. It’s the small percentage of bad apples that earn the right to be blogged about. You like your own pharmacists? I am pretty sure they probably like you too. I can be 100% sure that your health and safety is their top priority. Don’t get worked up by a blog that attempts to be humorous and entertain like-minded professionals. Not your cup of tea? Fine. There are plenty of other blogs that you might find suitable. I hear Oprah is starting one.

Third, when I’m blogging - I am not at work. Most likely I am in the comfort of my own home. Being an adult, I can say whatever I want to say. Were you unsettled by the off-color language? Perhaps you missed my previous blog entry I wrote entitled “So this twat parks a shopping cart in my parking place”. It’s lovely. I hear it’s up for a Pulitzer. Besides, I didn’t tell you to “Fuck yourself”. I was quoting Socrates. Perhaps my Greek is a little rusty. You must understand that I usually (attempt to) write with a sense of humor. I don’t apologize if it offends. If it does, send me a zinger back. Put me in my place. But at least try to make it funny. =)

Fourth, who is threatening you? Miss thing, this forum is a place to vent, not threaten. Nobody means you any harm - except maybe Filet. But we’re working on her thorazine levels. The voices in her head can’t be turned off, but they CAN be turned down.

So you’re a nurse married to a cop? That could be the premise to a busted Cagney & Lacey spinoff. You and your husband could use your villainous powers to quelch free speech. My powers would be to shit my pants and shake on the ground for an hour. Would I use them for good or evil?

So, at the risk of rambling on and on, I offer you this… we are not bad people (or pathetic as you have suggested). We simply work in an extremely stressful environment. Sometimes, our only recourse (short of strangling hookers) is to blog. Anonymous nurse, your comments are always welcome here. But please understand the context in which these blogs are posted. Come on, did you read about the lady that brought me a bag of shit? I’m just putting it out there.

No Hard Feelings…


PS Who the fuck says “Bring it on” anymore? Geesh.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Wow, I am jealous that it was not one of my posts that got so much attention! I think some are taking a comment or comments way too seriously. No threats have been implied but perhaps a joke was taken too far.

I think what the "anonymous" post implied was that people are far too eager to treat others like dirt and still expect "Red Carpet" service with a smile, not the "donkeypunch" they truly deserve. This is about the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (especially if they are serving or preparing your food!)

Have It My Way RPh said...

Wow...you know i don't want to brag, but 19 comments in response to my posting sets the bar pretty high for future blogs. Who knew i would inspire such drama and animosity. I'm glad i didn't go with my original posting "Nurses: If we don't fight them over there then we'll have to fight them over here". Not that i'm implying that nurses are like terrorists. I mean , sure, if they had a reclusive leader who was hiding in the remote caves of Nurseganistan it wouldn't come as a complete shock - but let's be honest, nurses would never submit to being told what to do by anyone. They are already perfect and amazing and us infidels can only hope to bask in the warmth of their collective glow.

Mc RPh said...

Woah, Have It... careful about nurses. You're playing a dangerous game. My mother is a nurse (as well as several of my closest friends). I'm afraid I've taken a solemn vow to cut you if you talk shit about them. Let's keep it to personal, ad hominem attacks please. =)

But seriously, I have heard that nurses hate us for our freedom. Wait a minute, now I'm confused. I forgot who George W. Dipshit told us to be afraid of.

Have It My Way RPh said...

Sorry mc rph - don't take it personal. I don't personally know any nurses - i'm only referring to the nurses who annoy me and can't take a joke. Why do people take my sarcasm so seriously...

Pharmacist said...

Wow. That might be the best post ever. Of all the angry pharmacy posts, that one is surly as hell.

You don't happen to work at my pharmacy do you?

studeni70 said...

I am ph, tech (nursing student too) and I feel your pain. Yesterday (X-mass eve day,,just to add a bit of sugar to mess) I came to work after my day off. First 1.5 min into work-day:
SHE:I want my meds
ME: may I have your name, please
SHE:mummbles in angry tone (like I should know her name cause I just saw her fist time in my life)
ME (after I notice that her copay is a bit high ):madam, do you have your insurance card?
SHE (screaming):why? why do you people (at that point I was already in heaven,,,I am not :you people, I never saw you in my life, I am just fucking trying to help you pay minimum out of your fucking pocket) asking for my card? I showed my card already (trows her card at me like I am dirt)
ME (deep breath) explain to her that her insurance requires prior auth for some cream
SHE (screeming) I had to go through this a month ago in other pharmacy. how long it takes you people (me again in heaven cause remind you I just saw her (unfortunatly) for the first time in my life) to take care of this?
ME: madam, your doctor is suposed to notify your insurance
SHE: (still yelling and bitching)do not tell me anything, you people (me in heaven again) had a month to do it

at this point our pharmacist ( God I love her, she was my HERO that day) pulls out fax from her dr and told her that dr refuse to give auth cause she is not his patient anymore ( go figure, how could he let go of her)

her, pisst off but shuts up,,,,decide to pay

Me ring her up

SHE doesnt have her card with her (left in the car) (who in the normal mind leaves cards, DL, and everything when goes purchase something)

at that point i just wanted to tell her :merry xmass to you too

ah,,did i said how she yells that we dont know anything, she does cause she is traveling nurse
(someone just shoot me)

and anonymous is so mad at pharmacy stuff for venting
we are the people too ,,,
if you ask for respect,,,show some respect