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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Case Of The Frownies

9:55PM on a Thursday:

I walk into the pharmacy and they are working on a copay discount coupon for Colcrys. The patient is difficult and argumentative. The coupon is not applicable because he is on Medicare Part D insurance. The tech has to explain this to him 5 times and he still doesn't get it. I hand the tech a yellow highlighter to mark the important "You can't use this coupon because" section. He decides to get a 30 day supply on his insurance and gripes about the $29 copay. I am with you there buddy! The new copays because colchicine now is a branded/certified/patented/researched/non-generic available is a crime against humanity. Frownie face.

10:45pm on a Thursday:

A lady talking on a hand-held cell phone pulls up in the drive-thru in a ginormous SUV. She tells her person on the phone to hold. She needs me to fill a prescription from a pharmacy that closed at 10PM. On further investigation Vyvanse is at the other store. This is not the first time this medication has been prescribed or purchased. I explain the legality of why I cannot transfer a Class II controlled substance so she will have to inconvenience herself and pick it up at 8AM the next day. I apologize for her inconvenience and dart away to avoid any argument. She sits in the drive-thru for 10 more minutes talking on her cell before she finally pulls away. Frownie face.

11pm on a Thursday:

A guy calls the pharmacy to see if we can start on his prescription before he drives all the way over because he doesn't want to wait a long time. I told him our policy is to not do anything with a prescription until we have the actual prescription. He was like "Well at least tell me if you have the drugs in stock." It was Zofran and Pepcid so what pharmacy doesn't have those in stock I thought... He shows up in the drive-thru 20 minutes later and hands me a credit card and prescription. It takes me all of 6 minutes to process, verify, fill, and complete the prescriptions then proceed to ring him out. He calls back 10 minutes later to see if he can get chewable pepcid. We didn't have it so I offered to order it but he said whatever. Frownie face.

Random Prescription on a Thursday:

Pharmacy staff tried to get an iPledge authorization for claravis. The patient has not filled out her survey so there is not a damn thing we can do. This is not the first time she has had this medication and is not the first time that she failed to complete her survey. Frownie face.

Random OTC Switch coming soon:

Allegra D and Allegra in all its strengths is going over the counter very soon. We have spaces ready on the shelf all portioned out and tagged. For prescription orders these meds will most likely reject Drug Not Covered or Prior Authorization. Either way I can guarantee Allegra will no longer be covered and that usually extends to the prescription generics but since FSA cards now require a prescription for OTCs anyway you still get to bug your physician. Frownie face.


Anonymous said...

Last I checked, there was 33 FULL pages of medications on back order from our warehouse supplier. We are lucky to have a second supplier, but their backorder list is almost identical to the other one. Most don't have an release date anymore & if they do, it is a lie. The two prescriptions I use the most for my acne are (yes you guessed right!) on backorder. Maybe I just need more Ativan instead......frownie face.

Pharm.Tech. RDC '06

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KG said...

Great post! Love to hear about the insanity by the hour.