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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flounce Like You MEAN It!

I mean, if you're gonna announce, "I'm never coming to this store again!" as grandly as if Queen Liz was standing in front of Pick Up, make it count!
(Once you slink in the next week and you kinda feel like the whole pharmacy staff is smirking at you, know that we are.)
I had someone tell me they were leaving because I talked 'like I was a pharmacist'. I'm not sure what that means, other than counseling a patient and I wouldn't do that, so as usual I just brushed it off. Today, when this patient stood in front of me, I didn't comment, but my smile must have radiated pure evil, because she didn't even blink when I told her 15 minutes wasn't possible for a waiter at that moment.
I also don't hesitate when people say "Oh, you're higher than WalMart? What about the 4 dollar list?" Without a breath, I hand them their scripts back, give 'em a "We ain't WalMart, keep it moving" and go about my day. When you come back later sheepishly, I won't gloat aloud. I'll keep it cool.
Also, "We don't work on commission" is our battle cry. Not saying you want to deliberately piss off people, but thinking that your script for Vicodin from that pill mill down the street is directly paying my salary is making me laugh. Hard.


MDB said...

I work for walmart as a pharmacist and the amount of crap that goes on with the 4-dollar list is huge. People seem to think that everything is on the list, including nexium, vicodin, and advair. We also get the people who get 360 lisinopril 20mg and then bitch about the price being $40, the standard whine is always "but it's a 90 day supply, it's suppose to be $10." No one ever reads the fine print that says it is $10 for 90 tablets or what ever is the standard dose, ie 1 pill a day. Of course there is a Target near by so I get the "I bet Target will have it for $4!", yeah I really doubt your going to get your advair or 180 omeprazole caps for $4.

Southern Fried Slave said...

Amen. This $4 crap is killing me. "what do you mean its not $4? Its generic isn't it?" No lady, your pantoprazole is not $4. Get a freaking grip.

mixie said...

I had the same thing happen to me a couple days ago. She was so mad when i told her the price for meds. "what you don't have the 4 dollar list like the rest of the other retailer?" haha we were like no we don't have a list here. "Well! Maybe you should!!" then she storms out of the store. We didn't know if she wanted to still fill her refill or transfer it cause she left her bottles at the counter. What funny is she came back about 20 mins later to get them filled.

Charity said...

I work for CVS and the same behavior occurs there. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "I'm never coming back here, again." It never fails...they always manage to come back.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I also like to apologize for not having $4 prescriptions but then I tell them that Wal-Mart makes their money on the cart full of crap you buy while waiting on the rx not the rx itself where we have to make at least $1 on the rx to try and keep the lights on.