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Friday, February 18, 2011

Reminder To Warehouse Employees

Please stop pissing off Banner because "Hulk Smash!" when filling totes.



oleapothecary said...

I get "totes," but please translate the piece from High Martian to English.

was1 said...

Our wholesaler cant figure out that when a glass bottle breaks, the whole contents of the tote will be destroyed. So we continue to get orders with broken glass and sticky shit about every other time we order trihexyphenidyl syrup. Why is it so hard to use some bubble wrap and zip lock baggie.
I also love when the put methylpred dosepacks on the bottom of the tote and throw 1000 count kcl tabs on top of them.

Pharmboyrx said...

I hate that. I recently had to send back $1200 worth of meds because a bottle of Prometh w/ codeine shattered and saturated the Testim and Androderm packages in the same tote. The worst to clean up is Tussionex.

McFury CPhT said...

Yep, our warehouse liked to smash those TAC jars every freaking week (usually two jars). Tussionex was also a favorite for them as well. You know Tussionex doesn't come out in the wash either.

Southern Fried Slave said...

Eww, sticky.

Our RPH once dropped a bottle of tussionex and we never got the sticky out of the carpet. I don't wanna imagine a tote of that mess.

Aleigh said...

Shame you can't order the breakables in a seperate order, so less got damaged due to breakage.