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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleepy, Not Sleepy

Dear Torrent Pharmaceuticals,

I have several patients questioning the potency of your 10mg zolpidem tablets. One lady even took one and 1/2 tablets and still was wide awake 3 hours later. I had the pleasure of her multiple phone calls. Please take a few tablets and sample their actual active ingredient concentration to appease the doubters.

Thank you!



A is for.... said...

They are not happy at all when their zolpidem does not work as well as expected. I don't even know how many times someone has told me, "I don't like the oval ones (Teva), do you have the round, white ones (NorthStar) instead?"

Vincent said...

Zolpidem does not appear to be very stable, so they very well may be right. I'm not sure exactly why, if the bottle is kept tightly closed, in the dark, etc.. They all seem to work the same if they're from a new or recently opened stock bottle.