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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Are Not As Stupid As You Think We Are

Shopping list: pill crusher, insulin syringes, rx for roxicodone from several counties away

Duh, we know you are going to shoot up your pills. So don't try to act all shocked and amazed when EVERY pharmacy for 50 miles tells you they don't have oxycodone tabs in stock. Also don't be so shocked and amazed that you can't buy a bag of syringes in Broward county without a prescription. Saying "But I can buy them in Pensacola and Jacksonville." earns no sympathy and does not magically produce a baggie of syringes for you. It is people like you that this type of law targets you f*cking worthless piece of sh*t furuncle on the taint of humanity!

It is douche bags like you that end up corrupting the pain management system by supplying the cash to corrupt greedy physicians and supplying tabs to first time users who either overdose and die or end up hooked for life. This also makes it damn near impossible for legitimate pain management patients to get their necessary medications. If the law would allow it I would do a handy dandy pharmacy spatula castration so you could not breed!

To take it a step further, the law should allow us to kill junkies like this one. Just send them to the worm pile like the worthless sh*t that they are! Why waste tax payer dollars on rehab facilities and jails? Let's cut out the middle man and save the tax payers millions of dollars! Rehab failure rates for first time attendees is 95% so why bother? Seriously, why bother?


Jules said...

I guess the reason rehab facilities "bother" treating addicts is because of people like me. I've been clean for 6 years and I'm a productive member of society who is a gainfully employed taxpayer. Some people just need a little help.

was1 said...

So I guess 'taint' has really caught on as the official name for that little cranny. One time during a diaper change, Stewie told Lois not to forget to clean the taint. Funny as shit.

Anyway, I've always preferred the term 'chinrest' but that's just me.

C said...


What a asshat.

Anonymous said...

This stuff really pissed me off. I took a potent C-2 drug regularly for a severe pain condition involving more than one system; the fact that I have failed all traditional medications (I even begged to try classes I was allergic too in a controlled setting like a hospital ICU). I NEVER lose my script, I always call ahead to make sure they have enough bottles in stock (I use liquid as much as a can because I have a feeding tube), so that if they only THREE 30 ml bottles and I need SIX 30 ml bottles my MD can write two scripts and I have said scripts Fed Ex' d to the pharmacy instead of me (MD's policy that all C-2's that need to be mailed must go Fed Ex or be picked up by the patient). I think it's a great policy.

All my doctor's know who is writing the C-2 script and only he can write them. Nothing like a contract in writing (possible in the office notes) but what we agreed on collaboratively.

I know the 72 law in IL about "owing" the balance! I also know C-2's are allowed 30 days to fill.

So, why is it, that I do things the right way, and the minute someone sees the script or an extra board pharmacist is filling in, I become the town junkie. Everyone of these Pharm.D sites make it sound like because we really need these medications that we are junkies, etc. I do everything by the letter. By none of that is good to any of you pharmacists. I think it sucks. Tell me what I am doing wrong and how to make it right so you don't think I am a junkie. I am NOT!

In fact, I am someone with a double major of Elementary Education and Psychology with three minor (THREE MINORW). I have TWO Master's Degrees (each of which are 60 hours) in reading and administration and 40 hours towards a third Master's in Special Education. Needless to say, I am on medical disability for several severe illnesses. I had to stop teaching after 14 years. So, I am not dumb, or rude, or insensitive, or irresponsible, or a liar, thief or anything else you think that people who need to take oxycontin are.

I am well respected in the teaching community and have been Named Whose Who Among America's Teachers' three times to date.

So, tell me all you pharmacists what else do I have to be doing so that I not considered in your eyes a junkie. You think that because people are on this medication we are junkies and that is not always true. It's just as easy for me to say your a bad parent because you don't do your part on helping your child with his/her education by working on at home projects at home, as a family. I don't say that because I know that some families just can't do that so I make do. But in your eyes were all junkies.

Tell me what I am doing wrong? I apologize if this is all over the place but I am mad and it's way passed my bedtime.

PS. Sure hope none of you are treated the way I have been on few occastions. Luckily, my pharmacist treats me with the utmost respect and unders why I need the medication and goes out of her way to find it for me monthly.

The RPh said...

Hear, Hear!! Working at an independent, we see these types ALL the time. It is so frustrating!!!

rn said...

Hey Jules if you're so clean why are you on a pharmacy website? Any 'tard who reads this post could see it is directed towards active abusers/pushers. And the site is for people who work in a pharmacy or who deal with sanctimonious druggies. Go away. (And yes, dealing with the great unwashed masses makes us bitter)

Jules said...

rn, I don't blame you -- if I were a nurse I'd be a miserable ass too.

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Working retail pharmacy has hardened me to all junkies, pill pushers, needle buyers on a Fri/Sat night, to the person whose dog ate their Vicodin/suboxone/norco for the 5th time (bring me your fuc%ing dog twat), etc. I agree-rehab doesn't work. You just wind back up at my pharmacy bitching b/c you can't have something a few days early...blah blah blah. So you need some help? Go hiking, take a yoga class, love your kids more, masturbate but stop bugging me and my staff b/c you want to slap a band aid on YOUR issues by sucking down drugs and avoiding your real problems.



and yes I've battled my own issues and found ways to resolve them!

The RPh said...

Anon at 11:15pm:
OBVIOUSLY this post was NOT directed at people who have legitimate reasons for needed pain meds. Did you READ the post? Calm down and stop trolling sites directed towards PHARMACISTS, TECHS, etc.
Thank you, that is all.

was1 said...

@anonymous 11:15pm:
Geez, get over it. For someone who has so much education, you sure seem like a scatter brain. Maybe its from having your nervous system steeped in opiates all the time. (This is your brain on drugs.) Also, I thought a Master's Degree consisted of 30 post-grad credits. Maybe you only passed half of your courses? You should turn to alcohol. Its easier to get and more socially acceptable even though welfare won't pay for it.

You may be [not dumb, or rude, or insensitive, or irresponsible, or a liar, thief or anything else you think that people who need to take oxycontin are.] But you are a junkie. Time to recognize reality.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon...

Apparently, your extensive education (I'll try to remember w/o scrolling down... fifteen bachelor of science degrees, eight MBAs, a quadruple PhD, and a major wing at an Ivy League institution named after you) did not include spelling, syntax, grammer, subject/verb agreement, proper use of tenses, or sentence structure in general.

It looks like something my six-year-old wrote, then used one of those online translating programs to translate it into Japanese, and then used an entirely different program to translate the Japanese back to English.

Nobody with a legit pain issue would go through all that trouble to justify their medication use. They just wouldn't. It smacks of desperation. I am so glad you are not a patient in my pharmacy. I shudder thinking about what a PIA you probably are to your pharmacist and her/his staff.

Anonymous said...

yeah! I love ripping on junkies b/c I cant do it to your face! but boy if I could...pain my ass!! I will show you pain! btw-medicaid should not pay for so many pain meds. totally ridiculous

chaitanya said...

heres a brand new idea...go to one pharmacy with the original script and then have them be ur supplier instead of being a moonlighter...saves us all the hassle and trouble...and the fact that you want to try a medication that you are probably allergic to in the ICU shows me ur mental fortitude is down the tubes...dumb ass causing me to pay more of dollars to cover ur dumb narcotic ass...and did u ever try finding out what type of pain u have to see if anything can work for u...probably not

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Jules, you are one of the extremely few people that rehab worked for. I know several who failed rehab more than once all on the tax payer's (medicaid) dime. I am sick of paying for these people. That's all that needs to be said. I would love to have all my wasted taxpayer dollars back to pay for my underwater house instead of paying for junkies and having to file bankruptcy to get out from under my house.

The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

Anony @ 11:15PM on 6/9/10 must realize that this post wasn't meant to offend legitimate pain patients. They are an entirely different breed than the drug seeking, worthless, pains in the asses that the average pharmacist has to deal with on a daily basis.
Realize this anony. Drug abuse is rampant and a growing problem in the US. And pharmacists are on the front lines dealing with the fall out from our apparent losing war on drugs. We are the final defense against drugs making it to the streets for illegal sale or use. And because we deal with such a common and growing problem it does harden you after working retail pharmacy for a while. It has to because we are human and we react to situations based on experience! And those experiences include dealing with lots of drug seekers.
The legitimate pain patient is an entirely different patient from a drug seeker. Someone dealing with some kind of pain issue DOESN'T want to take narcotics! That is the difference. While the seeker lives for that next fix someone who is in pain sees medication as a means to an end: feeling better. They want to do things like ween themselves off pain pills or see how long they can go before having to take another dose. Legitimate users associate medication with weakness and want to distance themselves from that feeling by trying not to need those medications to function. Seekers are just the opposite and only think about obtaining more drugs. While the seeker's life revolves around drugs a legitimate pain patient takes pills to live not the other way around!
I'm sure whatever you're dealing with has caused you to require a constant regimen of pain pills. I'm also sure that through the course of obtaining these medications to treat whatever your problem is that you may have endured some less than pleasant reactions/experiences at the pharmacy. It is an unfortunate reality of a country over-run by drug abuse. That is what the pharmacist will be trained to react to because that is what we know based on experience. We deal with it so often it is our first gut instinct.
Relax a little and enjoy this blog as I do: for entertainment purposes only. Don't let it get to you personally. Heck, the author doesn't even know you or your individual situation! And realize that pharmacists are human and that we do our best to treat every patient irregardless of whether you are that drug seeker or legitimate user. We are just used to seeing more of the former rather than the later in our day to day practice. It comes with the territory of the job.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am a physician working in the field of addictions and I certainly understand the frustration of working with med-seeking people with substance use disorders. They can be real PIAs. But I would encourage you to do a little reading on the topic of the neurobiology of addiction. It might help you to make sense of some of the seemingly riduculous (and irritating!!) behaviors of these folks. There is a true "hijacking of the brain" that goes on when people become addicted to opioids, for example. I work in the VA system and we have tons of young vets, for example, who come in having originally been prescribed opioid-containing meds for legitimate injuries, but over time, some of them slowly (or rapidly) develop dangerous behaviors/relationships with those meds and end up addicted. Anyway, I have the good fortune to be able to engage with these folks over time and many of them are bright, intersting people who have gone to desperate lengths to support their addictions.

I love your blog, by the way. It had been an education for me in how to relate to pharmacists better as a physician.

Anonymous said...

I'm a pharmacist in Virginia. We've been seeing a TON of Rx's coming out of Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas (I think) for Oxycodone 15mg, 30mg, and Xanax 2mg. The "patients" are driving from KY to FL to VA to get these prescriptins filled for their "legitimate" pain, yet appear to be in perfectly good health and all are generally young. The clinics they're coming from are called North Dade Wellness Center, Pain and Urgent Care Clinic, etc. Do you know anything about these so-called pain management clinics?

Anonymous said...

Really.....I mean really you are junkies!! You pain pill people are the most compliant Mofo's in the entire pharmacy world. Who else can take one tablet every 4 hours "AS NEEDED" for pain every f*cking day for an entire month so that when the clock strikes MIDNIGHT on the 30th day you show up at the counter for more. Funny...I've never had a patient on blood pressure medication do that! I pray for the day they put Tramadol and Soma in a CIV class in my state.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

All of the pain management clinics in Florida are under DEA investigation. I will not fill for out of state patients that go to Florida for pain management. If they really had a legitimate pain issue a doctor in their city/state would be able to treat it.

Anonymous said...

NO! I am dreading the day Virginia reclassifies tramadol as CIV -- argh. I work in a large, fast-paced military pharmacy and we dispense tons of tramadol. Our vault already works over capacity with the megatons of real controls. We require 2 person count, signature cards, tamper tape, separate logs, etc for all controls. please no. Can't we just put drug machines on the street like gum ball machines? Put your money in take as much as you want? Leave me alone... sign me, desperately seeking new job
PS. on an unrelated note, I would like to swap some of my co-workers for some that pull their own weight. These are slightly used, lazy government service pharmacists who have perfected the skill of moving as slowly as possible while still appearing to work, can use the bathroom more times than an elementary school student and can chat/entertain patients at their windows so they don't have to call the next patient (YOU do! haha)