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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Phrases I Hate In Pharmacy

I think everyone has certain phrases or key words that just set them off.

  • "Every time I come here there is a problem."
  • "You people" followed by some ignorant non-issue.
  • "Do you have $4.00 prescriptions?"
  • "How long is this going to take?"
  • "Did my insurance not pay anything?"

What are the comments that send you off the deep end, if only in your head?


Grumpy, M.D. said...

"Like I just finished explaining to your secretary..."

Anonymous said...

"Its going to take THAT LONG to put some pills in a bottle?"

Anonymous said...

"When will it be ready?" When we have to fax a dr on a refill

"I have insurance so how much is it going to be?"

Anonymous said...

Hi,um, I was just at my doctor's office and they were going to call in a prescription blah blah blah.
Hi,um, I was here last friday and my prescription blah blah blah.

All I want to know is last name, first name. If I can't find something ready for pick up then I'm ready for all the blah,blah,blah it takes to make a happy customer.

calibobrph said...

-When someone cuts the line and interrupts you for a "quick question". They're never "quick."

-"It's just a box"... implying they shouldn't have to wait more than 30 seconds for a Xalatan prescription.

-"But I'm going to a wedding this weekend". Looking for your permission to drink alcohol with their RX.

Phathead said...

"Do you carry motor oil?"
"Do y'all have like that stuff that does that stuff cuz I like got a bad rash and I need that stuff"
"What do you mean medicaid doesn't cover Viagra?"
"You don't like me because of my dark skin do you?" **NOTE: My skin was darker than his**
"So, do you have to go to like a tech school to be a pharmacist?"

and, my favorite:

"Is my Hydrocodone subscription ready?"

Flavius said...

"Can you fill the vicodin and store the antibiotic?"

"The doctor said it would be ready when I got here!"

"Can I get some needles, I have type II diabetes?"

dlmatte said...

"I counted my (insert narcotic of the day) and you didn't give me the right amount."

Fries With That, tech said...

The 1-2 punch of handing a prescription off and simultaneously asking "How much is that?" and "How long is it going to take" back to back.

"I'm not over my limit [of PSE]! I haven't bought any today!"

Gwyn said...

"What do you mean I have a copay? It should be FREE!" for all the Medicaid patients with the occasional $2 copay. I'm sure everyone in line behind you would sure enjoy those $2 copays.

Anonymous said...

My absolute most hated phrase, but my doctor said it would be 4 dollars. This is usually on a narcotic or even a name brand drug. I am sorry but most doctors don't have a clue on what drug costs. Or my favorite, "But its a generic its supposed to be 4 dollars."

Anonymous said...

You said it "Every time I come in here there is a problem" Every day we help 400 people and most of them have NO problem, maybe the problem is YOU!

Michael said...

I loathe asking the patient for their last name and they tell me their first. Open your ears!

Anonymous said...

are you new here?

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with DLMATTE

I freaking hate that phrase.

Anonymous said...

As a temp, I grit my teeth when the patient says, 'well, the feller that's usually here usually gives it to me and there's no problem... ' and I absolutely grit my teeth when my back and feet are killing and the rest of the body is nearly numb, and the tech says to the customer 'well she's just filling in so come back tomorrow. The pharmacist that's here will fix it for you' (amd,it's me again the next day! and like the State Board of Pharmacy rules are different for the other pharmacist.)

The Beach Life said...

"You people made a mistake yo, my stuffs is free." Which I now politely reply with, "Nothing in life is free. Someone is paying for this, just not you."

I've reached my breaking point and realized I would rather pump gas at Wawa so it's just a matter of time and heaven help the person who gets it:)

By the way, LOVE the blog! Great work!

Anonymous said...

"YOU made a mistake!"

Paul said...

I'm a veterinarian so that will color my choices:

"My other cat at home (whom I've never seen) has the same thing so can you double the dose?"

"Never mind the medications, I have a veterinarian friend who can get them for me cheaper." (so why the f**k did you come to see me?)

"I can't afford blood work (after spending $2K on a designer mutt). Can't you just give me some antibiotics?"

"This is my son's dog, talk to him." (I'd sure like to but he's texting with his earbuds cranked to high.)

"We got divorced and he doesn't want the dog and neither do I. We need him put to sleep."

oleapothecary said...

"That's why you make the big bucks."

"Not covered? Well, call the doctor back and tell him to prescribre something that IS covered!"

PATIENT:"Can I drink with this?
RPh: "No."
PATIENT: Not even just one drink?
RPh: "No."
PATIENT: (makes bargaining points number 3,4 and 5,usually a wedding or that his uncle drinks on it).
RPh: "No."

(Said by patient after Rph or CPhT asks for essential demographics, i.e.,DOB, allergies) "Mind your own business and JUST FILL THAT PRESCRIPTION!"

But, to be fair about the "dog eating the homework" thing, I did get legitimate evidence (a chewed prescription vial) of a dog having eaten phenobarbital.

Just as an aside, customers always called Bactrim-DS tablets "horse pills" because they are so big. Sho' nuff, I once filled a prescription for Bactrim-DS FOR A HORSE!!!

Anonymous said...

"Refill ALL my meds" followed by the inevitable "well, I really didn't need this one or this one but you missed this one that I haven't filled for 10 months...."

Anonymous said...

Me: "When would you like to have this ready?"
Patient: "NOW"

The little tech that does... said...

I get irritated when they try to negotiate wait times. Typical wait time is 20-25 minutes, they say they are in a hurry and can't we do it faster? I just tell them no, but I can make the wait time longer. Usually stops the conversation right there.

Anonymous said...

Holds up some random OTC product. "Can I take this?"

Roll eyes. You can take whatever you want. What are you really asking me?

Another annoying one, just because they always go straight to the back to ask us, instead of the checker that is at the very front of the store: "Where is your bathroom?"

Anonymous said...

"What do you mean it's too soon to be filled?"

"I know it's too soon to be filled on insurance, so I'll pay cash..."

"I know it's too soon to be filled, but call my doctor, Im going on vacation..."

"How long's this gonna take, I have to catch a plane..."

"How long's this goona be, I have to go to work..."

"How long's this gonna take, I have ice-cream in the car..."

"What do you mean my doctor didn't call it in?"

"I'm NEVER coming back here AGAIN!!!"

"This is BULLSHIT!!!"

"What the hell are you people doing back there?"

"Where's so&so, he'll fill it, he knows me."

"My insurance company said you're billing it wrong."

"What do you mean I don't have a refill?"

"It fell in the sink."

"It fell in the toilet."

"My dog ate it."

"I left it in my friend's car."

"I lost it on vacation."

"Somebody stole it."

"It flew out the car window while I was driving."

"I'm taking it just like the doctor said, but sometimes I double up when the pain's real bad, so that's why I'm 15 days early..."

"No, I didn't add water to my cough syrup, you people gave me bad medicine!"

"What brand of oxycodone do you have?"

"Do you have "Mall" brand oxys?"

"You guys carry oxy "M" brand?"

"The "A"s don't work as good."

"How am I supposed to break these in two?"

"If it don't work, can I bring it back?"

Yep, sad but true. Sound familiar?

RxKerBer said...

'you people' sends smoke coming out of my ears.

But my neighbor said..........after I have recommended Product X.

Why will it take 10 minutes. You just havta put a lable on a box.

It doesn't take 10 minutes to count to 30.

'do you want to wait?'
'how long?'
'10-15 mins'
'oh if it'll be that long, I'll come back tomorrow.''

And my absolute favorite I over-heard last year at the drive thru while running around, working up a sweat in winter, near nervous break-down............'well tell the pharmacist to get the lead out of her ass!!'. At which point my lead-ass stormed over to the window and I told her I was working as fast and as ACCURATELY as I could. And I would not tolerate her speaking to me (indirectly) that way.

Anonymous said...

"I told you on Friday I needed this filled! It's already Sunday, what do you mean you haven't got it ready yet?!How many days does it take to count to 30?!" - Sure never mind having explained both times that we need to hear back from your doctor for your refills.

"What do you mean you don't have my medication in stock?! Do y'all fill prescriptions here or not?" or it's close relative:
"Are y'all the kind of pharmacy that fills prescriptions?"

My least fav. - "Every time I come here it's a problem." By all means there's the door!

Anonymous said...

Me: Can I verify the date of birth?
Them: mine or hers/his?

Bob said...

normally a elderly patient "I need my heart meds" before any even telling their name.

"I need some 12 hour equate" cue fake cough.... I have a cold

why do I have a .55 co-pay?

Anonymous said...

"I should have refills... it's a standing order"

Anonymous said...

You have a God complex.

All of my friends stopped coming here because of you.

You're job is just to fill what the doctor wrote for, not question it.

Sweetie/hun/honey (I'm in my 30's, you're not my mom/grandmother/wife, so stop with the cutesy names!!!)

me- "when would you like to pick this up?"
them- "when will it be ready?" (it all freakin' depends on the answer to my question, doesn't it Einstein?)

Anonymous said...

me: Did you want to wait for this or come back later?

them: whats the wait time?

me: If you wait in the store, it'll be 10 to 15 min, if you come back, it'll be about an hour.

them: I'll be back in 10 min.

never mind the fact it usually takes them 2 days to come pick up that 'waiter'