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Monday, December 21, 2009

Texting, One, Two, Three?

I like to complain and I like to laugh. I spend equal amounts of time at both pretty much all the time. I had an especially good hour long fit of the chuckles after filling a prescription for a patient with a rather unfortunate yet hilarious name. I can't tell you the whole name because of patient privacy laws but I will take a stretch at saying that parents with the last name Wiener or Weiner have certain social responsibilities in picking a name that does not lend to hilarity and long term psychological damage for their children.

A typical text convo between pharmacists:

Tasty: I am being used for my compounding skills....I feel dirty.

Filet: Lucky! I've forgotten so much and I love compounding

Tasty: Made two batches of progesterone supp & a flagyl susp...fun fun

Filet: Fun. What flavor of flagyl?

Tasty: Sweet gritty ass

Filet: Ha ha w a cherry on top

Tasty: My face hurts from fake smiling

Filet: Amen

This is what happens when I get suckered into driving an hour away to sub at another store for a 14 hour day. I told the techs there will be no staying after 10pm. If it is not done it will be sitting on the counter for the morning staff. I have no shame in leaving it behind. I have an hour drive home. Of course there was nothing left behind because it was a Sunday but I am subbing there again for the evening today and will have no shame leaving stuff behind.

We close at 10PM, not 10:05, not 10:30, but at 10PM so don't pull up in the drive-thru because you think I am going to stay an extra 20 minutes because you are just gonna get driving directions to the 24-hour store down the street.

Happy Holidays!

**supp = suppositories and susp = suspension


Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Another good post Tasty! Always look forward to hearing from you!

I wonder if people wonder if pharmacists are alcoholics?? I am turning into one during the hellidays!

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Is it Iwanna Weiner? eata Weiner? Sexy Weiner?

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Tuccmi Weiner?

Anonymous said...

Hairy Weiner

mommy-medic said...

What's compounding? I have heard of compounding pharmacies before but wasn't sure exactly what that was. I had to get Domperidone when I was nursing to boost supply (yeah yeah, off label use) but I had to order it from Italy? Said it could only be found at compounding pharmacies? In either case it worked! (boy do I miss THOSE, um, assets!)

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Could be:

Harry Weiner
I.C. Weiner
Max Weiner
Star Weiner
Jesus Weiner
Hugh Weiner
Magnus Weiner
Prince Weiner

...and the list just keeps going...

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

Ima Weiner? Princess Weiner? Stardust Weiner? Glow in the Dark Weiner?

Filet-o-bitch RPh said...

You don't stay? I don't! Ever!!!! Are you kidding me? You people had 14 hours to get that rx to me or pick it up. WTF!