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Monday, December 7, 2009

On The Worst Day Of XMas

To save time I am gonna break this one down to the final verse sung to the "12 Days of Christmas":

On the worst day of XMas
McDruggie's gave to me

12 crazy convos*
11 cough/cold consults
10 ER patients
9 flu shot queries
8 gift card transfers
7 cars a honking
6 doctor call ins
4 oxy seekers
3 ringing phones
2 screaming kids
And a massive throbbing headache for me!

*convos = conversations with the obsessive/compulsive schizophrenic that calls many many times each day

I also encourage readers from other medical fields to leave their lists in the comments. Have you had your break today?


Anonymous said...

Cute! Our pharmacy is doing one about the flu season...on the first day of flu season...

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

We had to limit our H1N1 vaccinations to a small time period each day because it put the staff soooo far behind on regular rx work that the wait time to get a prescription filled was way too long.