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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Up Doc?

I had a lady come to the drive-thru at 4am. She was waiting for a prescription to be approved. The note on the prescription said that a message had been left at the office on Friday morning and a message had been left on the doctor's cell phone on Saturday morning as requested by the patient. Mind you, she knew he was going out of town for Easter, which to a normal person means not in the office Thursday or Friday through Monday or Tuesday. She wanted me to call his cell and his home phone at 4am to get the rx approved. How rude (spoken with an over exaggerated British accent)!!!

Are you f'n kidding me??? As a health care professional I will NOT call an md's cell phone unless he has left a specific message to do so for an after hours rx he phoned in and I will NOT call an md's house because you think it is okay to harass and stalk the md until you get your 400lb scratching your legs with a back scratcher while sitting in the drive thru because you are too fat to reach your legs Medicaid wishes to come true. This Easter bunny was not hoppy about it.

You, madam, are one of the reasons why mandatory murder looks like a reasonable idea to thin the herd and ease our country's financial burden.

Note to ALL prescribing practitioners: Make sure all your non-office/hospital/clinic phone numbers are UNLISTED so the crazies won't call you at all hours because after I told her we would not call the office again until after 8am she dialed his cell number while she huffed and puffed with the effort it took to speed dial from a cell phone directory. Ugh...


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Won't be me, Man.

There are these MDVIP docs who charge an arm and leg so patients can have access to their cell and home phones and have a doctor at their beck & call all fucking day.

I ain't one of them. No amount of money is worth giving some of these freaks 24/7 access to me.

Anonymous said...

what a bitch. sounds like the majority of customers i have. jeesh. how selfish

Anonymous said...

Grump MD

All the MDVIP docs think it's great to get the cash up front, until they get the true crazies. The ones who think since the PAYED $10K for you ass, you better hop hop hop with those Vicodin scripts.

Freaks is the understatement.