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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fatties beware

Don't come up to the counter with a hand full of Twinkies and bitch about your cholesterol or diabetes medication(s) co-pays. Cry me a river!

How about walking your lard ass into the store sometime instead of pulling up in the drive-thru sucking down that 64 oz. soda like it is your job? You bitch about the wait time while you see all of running around with our heads cut off filling vicodin prescriptions out of our asses. We are expending CALORIES doing our job. Are you familiar with that word? Of course not.

Don't hand me your prescription with burger juice all over it. Gross. Would you like your me to hand you your prescription in a Burger King bag? Don't tempt me. Want your dr. to stick his/her fingers up your twat with chicken finger juice? Yeah-some of you would.

I don't know where the Xenadrin, Fatburners, Acai miracle burn fat meds are b/c they don't fucking work. If they worked, they wouldn't be on the shelf. Oprah will be the first to let you know which one works.

Put the hot dog down, take your dog for a walk, listen to your body when it tells you you are full, drink water, etc. NO PILL IS GOING TO DO THAT FOR YOU SO STOP ASKING ME. Yeah-I'm not skinny but I am not pathetic either.



Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Ahem, how will I keep the "big" in Big 'N Tasty if you won't let me have twinkies???

Intern#2 said...

Same goes to the people that bitch about inhaler prices and stink of cigs.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I hate the asthmatic smoker. I hate the oxygen tube smoker. I hate the cancer kazoo smoker. I hate the COPD smoker. I am happy cig prices went up 65 cents a pack they should go up to $30 a pack and lets see how many people still smoke.