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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pain Management Fiasco

I finally saw why these fly-by-night pain management clinics are so popular. I saw an ad on Craig's list for a Florida MD or DO for immediate staffing with a salary of $500,000 per year with bonus and an opportunity for partnership and profit sharing. Such is the way of the greedy lazy MD. These particular clinics do no diagnostics just cash for candy. You could print out a fake medical history and they will prescribe ANYTHING. I HATE anyone involved in such activities and wish them an agonizing slow death. Unfortunately this was not the only such clinic advertising. It is disgusting. It p*sses me off more than words can express!

And speaking of Craig's list, some dumb*ss posted a solicitation for cocaine in "code", oh like the police or DEA don't know what your ad was looking for. One week after the ad was placed the dumb*ss was arrested. Some people are so f*cking stupid I want to drown them and leave the body for the gators to eat.


Anonymous said...

If you think Craig's List is bad head over to drugbuyers.com. Most of the posts deal with people looking for Vic's handed out in lots of 90 & 120 with at least three refills. They all seem to have medical records (fake or not) that show them to have chronic pain and willing to shell out big $$$ for meds. I couldn't belive that anyone with half a brain would spend 300-400 for Vicodin.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I perused drugbuyers.com and found it quite hilarious. They "black list" places that rip narc-seekers off. I like how all addicts try to play the "victim" when we know and the people ripping them off know that it is illegal to import narcotics without proper legal permits...Duh!

Anonymous said...

Pain clinic in my area has had several complaints from local pharmacists and physicians, the DEA has been contacted but nothing is done. Patients are driving hours to come to this "candy" shop clinic. They service in bulk and apparently the DEA has better things to do.
I have been meaning to do an experiment and walk in complaining of some random pain and see what i can get out of them. Horrible back pain doc, I can barely stand or sit at work, it is just aweful!!

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Unfortunately it can take years before the DEA has enough evidence on each clinic and doc to shut them down. There should be a DEA application and registration for each pain management clinic and doctor with strict guidelines on medical records necessary and tests that must be performed periodically on each patient before pain meds can be prescribed in quantities larger than 60 tabs per month.