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Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Hopes

Back when I was a mere Happy Meal cheeseburger (ie waaaaaay back in grade school) we used to sing the song "High Hopes". It was a fun little romp for us and some days my brain replays Sinatra and his kiddie collaborators just for me while dealing with douches.

For example:

Twenty seven calls looking for oxycodone or roxicodone. One guy even had the balls to say "I heard you got some in today." Nope, just methadone, ie the stuff you should be on in a detox facility instead of driving down to Florida from Tennessee/Kentucky to get the prescription then driving to Ohio, North & South Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, Indiana, etc. to find said pills.

"Oops there goes another rubber tree..."

The aforementioned callers getting testy with me because they do not believe that the primary factory for these was shut down by the government for not following the cleanliness and drug safety guidelines so it is really really hard to come by.

"Oops there goes another rubber tree..."

The aforementioned callers getting even testier when I tell them to go back to the doctor and have them write for something else because what they want is not going to be available for a long time. Some guy got really angry because he paid $175 to get that piece of paper that entitles him to roxicodone and it would cost him $175 more to get it changed. Sounds to me like you got caught in a fantastic money making scheme. Why don't you go to a real doctor instead of a licensed shyster.

"Oops there goes another rubber tree plant"

Patients' upset because that same manufacturer made their metoprolol ER and now they have to pay more for the brand until the generic is available again. How can the pharmacy staff be so heartless to charge so much money for their life saving medication? Reality check! Your heartless insurance provider sets the copay not the heartless pharmacy staff.

"He's got high hopes, high hopes"
"Big apple pie in the sky hopes"

I hope this week goes smoother...


Anonymous said...

mother fucker..we got some in using a mallinckrodt ndc. try that

just this girl, y'know? said...

yeah, you can still get mallinckrodt brand in through master's, and i think amerisource bergen. our addicts demand mallinckrodt, or "the little blue ones with the 'm'" as they put it.

Anonymous said...

don't mean to sound anything like naive--just a little sarcasm..., but your 'customers' don't seem to be too interested in bein a patient whose medication alleviates their suffering properly...('just make sure it's got the little 'M'--enhances resale value--can it be made any bolder than that, FDA? Like why doesn't it go CII or CI for a while?)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Do patients think we make a profit out of increasing their copayments? Heck if I was on commision I'd be een nicer! lol

mousebumples said...

Yeah, we've been contacting doctors to switch patients to Lopressor (or Atenolol or other beta-blocker of the MD's choice) for metoprolol ER. Some patients prefer to pay for the brand - and we have a patient or two who have refused the generic ER all along. But most patients are totally okay with switching if it means their copay stays cheap - or gets even cheaper! I'm not sure where the doctors in your area fall on the matter of switching, but that's what we're doing at my McDruggie's. (and, yes, like others have said, we've been able to get the Mallinckrodt in stock as well, but there is definitely no way to predict what'll be coming in week-to-week)