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Monday, December 10, 2007

Frownie Face

Frownie Face a.k.a. Scowlie Face is an epidemic plaguing retail pharmacists worldwide. We may look pissed but we are not. Please don't ask if "something is wrong" or if we are "in a bad mood." It is just the way our facial muscles relax after a day of fake smiling at the dumb ass antics of humanity all work day long.

It is especially trying with the holiday venom spewed by the shopping public. No longer is cheer and good will towards others the norm. These happy sentiments have been replaced by the "I shopped all day to please people I don't really like that well and added to my hellacious credit card debt that I will never be able to pay back and I am going to take it out on you" public. To those people I wish "Peace and Brotherly Love" because they are the ones who need it most. (Even if I say it sarcastically as I flip them the bird while they walk away after a most unholy confrontation.)

With copay increases imminent after January 1, the epidemic of Frownie Face grows. Remember to be courteous to your neighborhood pill counter. We don't want to break out the old school hoodoo but we might if you push us too far.

*****Disclaimer*****I do not have a great deal of experience with hoodoo but I am a quick study. I do realize that even with the disclaimer some dumb ass will be offended. Tell it to Jesus because I don't care what you think and it is his birthday that you shame with your obsessive commercialism not mine.


DanTech said...

At least you deal with the problem patients. Some pharmacists use their techs as body armor or cower over by the verification terminal.

Or do you work alone?

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I work alone otherwise I would use my tech as drive-thru armor....

Pharmer Mike said...

Dan, I agree completely. When I was but a lowly student, I worked with a pharmacist that literally hid between the shelving when a customer started screaming at me ( I don't mean once, but every time!). I swore I would never let that happen on my watch, and I don't. My boss is thankful that I intercede, but then wants to know why he gets more complaints with my name than the norm. I told him he can't have it both ways. I either take the shitstorm (and the inevitable complaints that come with it) or I leave the techs to fend for themselves. I don't think Big Brother Wally pays the techs enough money to eat that much shit. Eventually, the assholes left our store, the remaining customers are happier, the wait times are less, and the numbers and profit are way up. Damn, I love being right! :)