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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best Product Title Ever!

I was shopping at my local Walgreen's to avoid the holiday mayhem at larger retailers. I saw it and I had to buy it. Not to mention it was time for a change.

Kitty Diggin's

If you have not seen the product or have no idea why I find it soooooo funny, it is cat litter. You can laugh now.

Kitty Diggin's

It makes me laugh like a complete brain dead moron or a young school girl before she finds out about the real world and all the real horrors it contains.

So just keep this one in your back pocket for a really harsh day of retail and when people ask you why you can't stop laughing. Give them these two words of comedic wisdom:

Kitty Diggin's

.....and tell them it is cat litter....can't you just picture a cat digging around in there, not to mention that dogs find Kitty Diggin's coated surprises delicious...



catpaw said...

LOL want an even bigger laugh? Go to http://www.kittydiggins.com/ I went looking for kitty diggins and had to pick myself up off the floor after finding this!

Anne said...

What's even better is that it sounds like one of those super-munchable bite-sized snacks you'd get at Sonic or McDonald's or something...Cheesecake bites, Cheddar Poppers and Kitty Diggin's. With a choice of dipping sauces. Ha!

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I am kind of sad that the kitty diggins website was not about poop but I am intrigued by getting a set of those ostrich feather fans and a set of bedazzled pasties from the shopping link off her website...

Kitty said...

Hi ,this is Kitty Diggins.
I was just directed your way via someone searching my name.

I have had the moiker of Kitty Diggins for about 15 years now ,and guess what?

The cat litter WAS an inspiration!

As a collector of product packaging and especially packing involving cat's , I am oh so familiar with that green and yellow bag o litter.

Before my Burlesque life , I was searching for a good Drag name , and prior to the cultural phenomenon of girls calling themselves Kitty,Kat or Kitten , this was a very apropo adoption.

Diggins seemed perfect as a 60's styled GoGo Dancer and DJ.

It just went on from there .

It has a certain dare I say "crunchy" quality to it.

Like Kitty Roca ....

And believe me , you have to have a sense of humor !

And I do .

Let's just say Punk Rock ,and I mean that in the truest sense of the word.

Cheers mate ,Kitty Diggins