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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Taste Sensation!!!

Too hard to get your Oxycottin on? Sick and tired of the same old Purple Drank? If you're not a rookie or a promethazine fiend and need a new S-Y-R-UP have I got a new taste sensation for you!

Dirty Sprite

This fabulous mix of 2 ounces codeine liquid, 12 ounces of Sprite and 1 or 2 grape Jolly Ranchers will have you shaking your shit maker til your pimp slaps you down! Want to get your lean on instead? then make it even dirtier with a crushed up bar of Xanax!

Dirty Sprite, get some!

**The bloggers at FFP do not condone the abuse of any prescription medication and believe that emergency services should stop treating overdose morons and let natural selection take precedence.

**Fake prescriptions for any and all controlled substances are a felony.


DenaliDriveThruPharmD said...
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DenaliDriveThruPharmD said...

Wow.....I got a good laugh from that one....