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Monday, August 27, 2012

I Still Hate F*cking Coupons

It is infuriating to run a claim, fill a prescription and bill the copay discount card.  The prescription sits in the ready bin like the perfect little Christmas gift and the patient decides to pick it up at a different location.  Not a problem. The magic of technology will reverse both claims at my store so the other store can bill them.

Phone rings. Shit! The secondary claim did not reverse and the other location called the card hotline but they need someone from out location to call to reverse the claim.  Shit! Now I have to waste my time on the phone with these discount card f*ckers to do something this f*cking computer system was supposed to do for me.


Happy f*cking Saturday... Just a tech and me in the pharmacy, lines blowing up with people and phones ringing off the hook.  Customer service is in the shitter and it won't get any better unless a miracle happens and we get more tech hours.  Does it take a human sacrifice? At this point I know several pharmacists and pharmacy managers who would be willing and have a list of names for the ritual.

I need a vacation more than a naked Randy Travis needs cigarettes...

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Crazy RxMan said...

I work in a national grocery store chain pharmacy... recently we received an email stating that absolutely there will be NO chairs anywhere along the workflow area... no chair to sit on at the IN window (and if you're like me you don't like standing and typing), no chair along the workflow, or at the register. No, no, no. Why? You'd think maybe they're worried about someone tripping on one in the workflow area... sure, I might accept that. No, that's not it. They don't want a chair anywhere in sight because it's considered UNPROFESSIONAL.

My associates and I have talked about this and we all agree that to the customer/patient, it looks MUCH MORE UNPROFESSIONAL to have a pharmacists and techs running around like idiots trying to answer the phone, type new scripts, fill other scripts, and sell at the register without decent tech help... ALL because the retail chain is too damn cheap to hire enough technicians or have enough tech hours.

What a load of crap!