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Monday, August 27, 2012

What Broils My Patty

You know what broils my patty?  When some jackass in a suit says "Hey I have a great idea on how to make sure people refill prescriptions! We will have an automated phone call tell them they have medications that should be renewed."  All the other suits agree and after a round of congratulational hand jobs they have the squints in the tech department make it happen.

They send out some bullshit memo that doesn't really explain what is going on, make it a HUGE pain in the ass to take people off this particular call list, and don't make any type of announcement to the public at large who will receive these particular calls.

And in




We get a hundred or so people in the drive thru pissed off because the automated system called them and why isn't their take-home-a-sack of 20 drugs ready like the robot voice said.   "You need to fill them now because the machine called and said they were ready!" "I have this problem every time I come to McDruggie's!"  "Your staff isn't intelligent enough to run a pharmacy!"  "How do you expect to keep us shopping here with such terrible service!"  "I need your manager!" The list of complaints goes on and on and on.....

So a big FFP "F*CK YOU!!!" to the jackass that came up with that wonderfully painful idea that gets the already horribly understaffed and underappreciated workers on the front line yelled at repeatedly.  You wonder why employee morale is in the shitter and the satisfaction surveys for most stores are below 50%...


MDB said...

The stupid auto-caller we had at the chain I use to work for would call or text to let people know things were ready. The only problem was the auto-refill program put each script in seperately so if John Doe and his wife each have 5 scripts with the auto-call/auto-refill, they got 10 calls. I had one jerk screaming at me for 10 minutes and called back and screamed some more after I hung up on him for calling me a "f***ing bastard" and my wonderful tech a "f***ing c***". He wanted one call and when all were done and all this other crap and would not listen that the calls came from corporate office half-way across the country. The jerk's daughter wanted the calls and understood it was an all or nothing for the calls, it is not possible with the system to only recieve calls/texts on certain meds. The jackass for all his complaining to the district manager (who was a former security weenie who never set foot in a pharmacy before getting the DM job), gave the guy a $200 gift card as an apology for his inconvience and the staff rudness. And the staff got chewed out, apparently we aren't allowed to hang up on verbally abusive customers, even when they start dropping profanities every second or third word.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God I work at the McDruggie joint you do!!! My patty gets broiled every day on that one! These people are confused as it is! What, I got a phone call, why isn't it ready? Sorry sir, the phone call was saying that you have rx's that you can refill if you want to. Yeah duh! I know I can call & refill them. I've been doing that for the past few years!