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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pray For Me

I worked at a 24 hour store in a poor neighborhood and was saddened by the lack of personal care. I had a girl call in because she got Suprax for gonorrhea but last time when she had trichomoniasis (a bacterial infection not to be confused with trichinosis which is a parisitic worm usually contracted from eating undercooked pork) she got Cipro. She wondered why the doctor didn't give her the same antibiotic as last time. She wondered why her boyfriend was given Flagyl when she had trich but was not given anything for gonorrhea. She wondered if Suprax would also kill chlamydia. She was happy for the information I gave her but seemed unbothered that this was neither her first nor second bout of venereal disease.

Which made me wonder why she was unbothered by a repeat of festering stinky baby gutter when there are are things far worse than chlamydia that can go symptomless for months or years before you even know there is a problem. Things like human papilloma virus (HPV) that can lead to genital warts, polyps, and cancer. Things like herpes that can infect the eyes, genitals, mouth, and cause blindness to babies during pregnancy (if untreated and in a small percentage of those being treated). Things like human immunodeficiency virus that leave you susceptible to several types of cancer, bacterial infection, fungal infection, viral infection, and horrible side effects from the medications that try to treat it, not to mention how much harder it is to treat the longer it has had to replicate in the body unchecked.

I had another guy who came in for a VD antibiotic and he seemed a bit more concerned and said "I am a nurse, I should know better than this but stuff happens." I chatted with him for a long time and somewhere along the lines church was mentioned so he asked me to pray for him. I don't think prayer is going to clear up your infection otherwise I know a whole bunch of AIDS patients who should be cured but alas religion has failed and chemical science has only fared a smidge better.

The point of all this is: Beyond saving you an embarrassing trip to the doc and the pharmacy for venereal disease, because yes I laugh at each and every unfortunate motherf*cker that comes in for venereal disease after they have left the pharmacy, condoms will save you from most of the horrible and currently impossible to cure sexually transmitted diseases. USE CONDOMS!!!! You can even get them for free from Planned Parenthood and other sexual awareness promoters.


Fries With That, tech said...
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Fries With That, tech said...

As an HIV+ pharmacy tech, preach it sister!

(repost - sorry, forgot to tick the right box before)

C said...

Or ask one of your friends in the military. We get them by the bucket full.

Yeast Infection said...

Now days there are many transmitted diseases transferred from partners. And hence while sex we need to consider many things in mind. This can save us from many infections.

oleapothecary said...

I think it's been 30 years since I read of someone using the term "venereal disease" instead of "sexually transmitted disease," and good for you! The former has quite a pedigree of stigma, while the latter sounds like a set of genitals with an antenna, as if one could catch these illnesses by walkie-talkie or over the Internet. Oh, yes, I'll take a sexually transmitted disease anytime, and you can even paint those words on the side of my car, but, for God's sake, DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT I HAVE A VENEREAL DISEASE!

No problem, though. The stigma of "venereal disease" is absent, not because people catch them unashamedly, but because it's been so long since the term has been used, and the generation that catches them doesn't know what "venereal" means. That same generation may not even know what "disease" means.

Remember when a "Down's Syndrome" child was called a Mongoloid child, and that the official classification of the various intelligence levels of such people were idiot, imbecile, and moron?

On an 1897 map of a city I used to live in, the state mental hospital was shown as the state lunatic asylum. Imagine someone publicly calling it that today?

George Carlin used to do a monologue on the effect of "soft" language. He noted that, what was called "shell shock" in World War I was re-termed "battle fatigue" in World War II, and then post-traumatic stress disorder. Carlin said that, perhaps if we had continued to call it shell shock, veterans would have received better treatment.

I'm sorry, advertisers, but it ain't bathroom tissue. It's damned "TOILET PAPER!"

Anonymous said...

rubbers don't block the herp, just saying.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy laughing behind the backs of rape/incest victims who contract STD's. Cuz that stuff is hi-larious!

cyrell said...

It puzzles my mind how peoplecan be so...careless.

Sure, if wife or husband is cheating and you do not know...shit happens.

There was also one bad case of vaginal funghus caused by funghus normally found on feet.

How it got there?

Grandfather funghifeet did not treat his feet, but used towels on them and put back, the funghi towels in the rack.
He also put his filthy crusted socks in the same machine as the underwear, because it was all black, so wash with similiar colours.

The poor daughter in law did treat herself for months with ointments and also kept away from 'interaction' until one day grandfather funghifeets doctor urged him to treat his feet and so he carried home tablets and ointments and the advise to wash his socks on the highest setting.

You can bet that the girl was badly pissed

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

Fungal infections from the feet are the EASIEST topical infections to spread! I get people with jock itch all the time that just don't understand why they keep getting it because they never treated their athlete's foot and would put on underwear while barefoot which allows the fungi to get in the undies which are warm, close to the skin and reasonably moist from skin oils and sweat that collects throughout the day and primed for a fungi orgy. Fungi love warm moist parts of the body and will readily grow on any of them. Moral of the story: treat your fungus feet, shoes, and anything they touch thoroughly. Treat your feet and put socks on before putting on undies to prevent the jock itch...