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Monday, November 23, 2009

Smack My B*tch Up

A guy walked up to the consultation window to ask a question. His girlfriend walks up next to him and he said she got hit and they needed to know what she could use. She had a bright red shiner and a bloodshot eye to go with it.

I didn't even bother to ask who hit her because the way she would only look at the floor and never at him and would not even try to utter a sound told me he was the guilty party. I say I hate a lot of things but to see this gorgeous girl beaten by her douche bag boyfriend instills a deeper primal rage that perhaps a mama T-Rex would feel if her hatch lings were threatened.

I wanted to rip this particular piece of sh*t a few new air holes and a few new a$$holes. I wanted to go primal on his a$$ and make sure he thought about it R-E-A-L hard before he even raised a hand to another woman.

WTF? How bad is your self esteem that you allow a man to hit you, f*ck you, f*ck other people, spend your money, hit you some more, then lie and tell you that he loves you and you are stupid enough to stay? I don't want to hear the excuses.

"I fell down the stairs."
"{random kitchen item} fell out of the cabinet and hit me."
"I tripped."
"I bumped into {random stationary object}."

All you are to him is a f*ck toy, a punching bag, and an extra source of income. You are not seen as a human being. You are not seen as an equal. You are not seen as someone that should be treated with the least of kindnesses or courtesies. You are his b*tch and that is all you will ever be until you get the courage to say to yourself, as does Stuart Smalley "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me."

It just disgusts me to no end to even think about abuse and people who allow themselves to be abused. Even worse, most abusers never get a dose of the justice system they so badly deserve.

On a final note: That b*tch that suffocated her child and drove around with her body in the trunk of the car for about a month before dumping the body then tried to play it off like she didn't know what happened to the child deserves the death penalty. She should be sentenced to die in the manner in which she disposed of her daughter's body, tape over the mouth wrapped in trash bags and left in the trunk of a car until she starves to death and is dumped in the wilderness. Only then will justice be served.


Anonymous said...

Speaking from current experience of 17 years of abuse - physical also gets verbal. The verbal abuse makes you terrified and a shell of your former self. Yes I know better, yes I know I should leave, but it's just too scary. You don't know how to be your own person any more. And yes I am a well educated PharmD. You just never know until you've lived the life.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, there are some of you (us) out there that feel this outrage when the patient comes to the window. What to do about it?

After many years of abuse, I finally, set my hubby straight (not without secondhand collateral damage to the kids--like the harm from secondhand smoke), and sometimes say that this less physically abusive man is my 'second' husband, as compared to the abuse from before.

However, like you I was shocked to barely contained outrage when a man came to the window, woman following, to ask about something to accelerate 'healing' a bruise, exact same scenario as blogger described. The woman beautiful, but clearly physically injured with the same 'look' that I knew it would be futile to ask details or try to take her aside. (I suppose I could have a little card made up ahead of time to hand out.)

This kind of stuff has got to come out. It's not right. It happens. It happens a lot.

Why is it easier to mention something to someone with kids, than to a woman? There are signs in the woman's restroom in local ER that state 'Help is Available' and a person does not have to live with abuse. I think that sign at the checkout counter would be helpful at the pharmacy.

FLRXMAN said...

When my girls get older, someone smack them up and I find out, I am going to jail.

It's stories like this make me glad I am not in the trenches anymore, hated those no win times at the window

The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

This post reminded me of a story. Before I desided to go to pharmacy school I thought about medical school. I was volunteering in the ER at the teaching hospital once a week during my undergraduate days. This young kid came in that had a bad bruise on his back that was shaped like a boot print. Lets just say when the father started to walk into the room while the kid was being examined, the medical intern on duty had to be restrained by three people to keep him from beating the hell out of the guy.

Vegancat said...

I hate such people, but what people i hate even more are the ones who preach to turn the other cheek,smile and ask for more because the abuser had such a hard childhood/day at work or other bullshit and they need people to understand them and help them to stop such behaviour.

I think people with such a way of thinking(turn the other cheek and smile) need to live through such a situation..and if they talk about forgiving and love after such an event i think they need help because obviously something with their brain is wrong.

Or people who tell the victim it is their fault..oh how i hate such people

ThoughtsOFARandomCollegeStudent said...

I wish everyone could escape as easy as you made it out.