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Monday, November 9, 2009

Micro Manage This!

I despise the uber-perky, I am always right pharmacist that micro manages everything. I worked with one of those last week. She really pissed me off.

1. Do not treat me like a 5-year old because I speak very little Spanish. I have worked in many areas where most of the patients only speak Spanish. I can hold my own quite well and can work circles around you as long as I have a fluent tech to explain the intricacies of insurance rejections. It is also rude of you to assume that none of these patients understand a lick of English. Many understand far more than you think they do and are quite funny when I apologize for my Spanish not being so great. The tech said my pronunciations are good and she understood everything I said. I only had 3 patients I needed a full translation for and only a couple times did I ask the patient to repeat what they said slower because it takes me a minute to do the translation in my head and if they talk too fast I miss some things.

2. I do not appreciate your two-faced attitude toward your technicians. The whole paging the store manager to call the tech and then telling him to write her up for being an hour late because you wanted her to work on the warehouse totes for an hour even though the schedule on the wall was not correct. You then proceeded to chastise her over the hour and then kiss her ass like she is your best friend the rest of the day. I don't like your dog and pony show.

3. I do not appreciate your assumption that I am like the sh*tty floaters that just stand or sit around all day and do the minimal amount of work. I actually do what needs to be done because I am there and getting paid quite handsomely to do so. The tech you chastised and I had over 2 hours to waste after we had EVERYTHING else done that we could find to do, including counting down the extra banks.

4. I do not appreciate every time you so rudely impose yourself into the middle of my patient consultation. I don't care what papers you have read or what your personal preferences are. I have my products of choice and it was my consultation. If there were no surveillance cameras I probably would have stabbed you with a spatula repeatedly. You were very unprofessional.

5. Do not treat me like a child because I look young. I have over a decade in as a pharmacist and was a student intern for a few years prior. My youthful visage only shows that I am aging much better than you are and won't need that laser skin resurfacing treatment for at least 15 more years or half as much makeup as you cake on to cover your micro-manager crow's feet and furrows.

6. Taking a few years off to raise your child does not make you any better than anyone else. Most people do not have the luxury of taking a few years off work because they have bills to pay and aren't in a fiduciary position to do so. You are just a self important douche and your child will grow to resent you and maybe even poison you for the inheritance because I am sure you treat your family just as wonderfully as you treat your co-workers.

Wow, I could probably add several more items to the list but as I am a polite blogger I try to keep the posts short and sweet though I tend to ramble on. I will leave you with a thought I had last night at the Dethklok, Mastodon concert: I am qualified to be a Kloketeer on the STD/Skank patrol. Maybe that is the job I should apply for. At least I would get to tour with the bands and have a good time.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Evil bitch. I hate people like that. They are in every field.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts :)