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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Thing I Will Probably Never Use

Dear Novo Nordisk,

Thank you for the Flexpen Demonstration Kit you sent to us. I cannot anticipate or imagine any patient who will ask us to use it. All of the patients we have on the pens were counseled on how to use them at the physician's office and rarely, if ever, ask a pharmacist to show them how to use it. I hope these kits were not a suggestion of my corporate paymasters and their lame a$$ attempt to get a volunteer to be the district diabetes specialist.

Most patients ask us for help when their blood glucose machines are on the fritz and they cannot figure out how to program, use, or change the battery. I hope you got a H-U-G-E tax break from the government for "learning aid/advertising" or whatever you categorize it under for the write off. On the other hand we did have a good time using them as potentially lethal squirt guns. It's always fun until someone loses an eye!

Gracias y buenos dias!

Big N Tasty


Anonymous said...

I have the same thing at my McDruggies its for the Blood Sugar and A1c Testing for when the outside company comes in and sits in your waiting room testing them and teaching them. What a waste of money..... We hade 51 people come in for the whole 6 hours they did it. Of course they also had an extra pharmacist sit out there too. Talk about free Money. Ps. I love your blog!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Wow! You should sell those in the toy department.

Anonymous said...

I got the same thing sent to me... into the trash it went...

Anonymous said...

i sent those to the diabetic educator... send it to the hospital near by. they always need them :)