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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

Since once daily adult chewable multi-vitamins are good for you why can't the manufacturers come up with a better flavor besides rotten metallic orange?

I am once again amazed at the efficiency at which a rhinovirus hijacks your mucus production and sets it into overdrive. I remember the lady and her daughter that infected me 2 days ago...damn you! (shakes fist)

I am curious to know why the guy who's girlfriend made him get Viagra for their Bahamas vacation didn't realize that it wasn't just the alcohol inhibiting his erections but the combo of alcohol, Valium, and Vicodin.

Since the emotion of love is not actually in the heart can we change Valentine's stuff to little chocolate and candy brains and brain shaped boxes of assorted chocolates?

It amazes me the amount of prescriptions I fill for sleeping pills. How on earth did anyone sleep before this? I don't ever recommend sleeping pills as an alternative because you do not get the delta wave sleep that the body needs to reset and there is obviously an underlying medical or psychiatric issue that keeps you from sleeping. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep each day to function and anything that causes you to forget that you ate everything in the refrigerator or took a night drive can't possibly be good for you.

My birds sit in a large cage in my living room and are addicted to television. I watch a lot of splatter kill horror films. I often watch my birds peering intently at the screen and wonder if I am warping their fragile little minds or if they only notice sound, flashes of light, and movement. Since I have so far failed to completely teach them to whistle the Muppet Show theme song I will assume ignorance truly is bliss.

Who decided that patchouli was a good idea for a "deodorant?" It already smells like body funk then you put it on and add real body funk to it. Not a pleasant person to be stuck next to on an airplane. Now I know why they have barf bags.

Since everything we eat is processed into crap by the GI tract then we could technically say that everything we eat is crap or maybe a precursor to crap ie precrap.

Speaking of crap... On South Park this week they were poking fun at dead celebrities and had Billy Mays doing an ad for Chipotlaway to clean the blood out of your underwear after eating chipotle. Hahaha! I can say I have never crapped blood after eating something spicy but that was hilarious.

When the first major media coverage of H1N1 happened months ago and there were rumors of pandemic was anyone at Roche not paying attention? I would have quadrupled production of all Tamiflu formulations in the name of profit but since no one was paying attention we have to compound Tamiflu suspension.

If none of the other authors contribute to the blog anymore does that mean they have been excommunicated by the pope or are they dead of unknown foul play? I think maybe they are just lazy or forgot their passwords.


MomNurseWife said...

Amen to your thought on sleeping pills....

Anonymous said...

I thought pachouli was the cover for marijuana; I didn't realize it was a perfume; but whatever it is, it's potent and distinctive.

Cody said...

I am SOOOO pissed about the Tamiflu suspension shortage. Yeah, Roche really dropped the ball on that one. I've heard of local stores in my same chain running out of the 75mg capsules just from compounding alone. Damn kids, make them swallow the damn things

disgruntled RPh said...

I agree with the Tamiflu comment. And would like to add that it will be probably be available in abundant supply starting in,oh say, April/May. Just when no one needs it anymore! Way to go pharmacuetical manufacturers!!

pAula said...

I am a night shift ICU RN. I have 20 years under my belt. I work hard and focus on my patients (not all the extra crap that takes place during the day)

I set up a fan for noise control and have darkened windows in my bedroom, but ya know what? This body wants to be awake during the DAAAAAYYY...just when I should be asleep.

Restoril-it's what works!