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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Universal Healthcare

There is not a snowball's chance in Hell that we will ever get Universal Healthcare in the U.S. because ALL of the politicians against it are taking payouts from Big Pharma and several insurance lobbyists to make sure it never happens. I F*CKING HATE bureaucrats!

And to those who invoke the atrocities of Hitler and the Third Reich to try and demonize the president's efforts I reply: Das ist aber schade! (That is a shame!) These efforts to better health coverage for the millions of Americans who currently either have no job or cannot afford coverage are necessary. It should be subsidized by the insurance companies so they can still be competitive with current offerings and take the burden off John Q Taxpayer.

All of the money wasted on advertising for drugs and insurance plans could fund plans and earn tax breaks for the insurance and drug companies. They were getting an advertising tax allowance anyway. We should use it to better the system instead of piss it away.

And that is my 2 cents for the day.


Anonymous said...

ARBEIT MACHT FREI, SCHWEINHUND!!! Ve haff vays of making you like your healthcare.....

Phathead said...

If you notice the people who say that there is nothing wrong with the system and that such a program would be the end of America, it is usually those who either don't work in healthcare or have never fully looked at other nation's programs.

I did a 20 page research report on universal healthcare for my macroeconomics course last year. It's rather amazing how well the system in a country like Sweden works.

auffer said...

Yeah, it's not like Sweden has 3% of the population of the United States or anything.

Anonymous said...

it so difficult to believe that the worlds richest country cannot provide basic h/care to ALL of its citizens.
here in the uk h/care is free at the point of delivery, funded by the taxpayer. nobody is denied because they are poor. its not a perfect system but everyone is catered for. just think if you come to the uk for a holiday and fall ill.. you will see a doctor, get into hospital and have meds prescribed all for practically zilch

Anonymous said...

When will people stop treating healthcare like it's a right. ITS NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do see other countries that have systems that work (such as Sweden). However that does not take into account the outrageous personal taxes, the 25% VAT (if I remember correctly) and the cultural differences of a citizenship raised on government from birth to believe that it is the answer to all problems (much as our current president believes). As commented above, the US is the world’s richest country, but no one ever thinks that may be because we have a population that is not beholden or dependent upon government. Our country was founded on a small central government that would not burden the population (and the 10th amendment to the Constitution clearly defines what the federal level is capable of doing). I certainly agree that the HC in the US can be improved upon, however government should not be the answer when there are a number of free market approaches that can be taken (many can not currently be done due to regulation from the government). Typical of the US the government regulates, causes the problem, and then steps in to “correct” it. I don’t know how many of you expect to see your Social Security returns, I however know that 1) I will never collect and 2) I could have invested my 7% of each pay check much better than the government. It is absolute justice the Bernard Madoff will expire in prison, but how is it just that the largest Ponzi scheme in the world continues to take money from the American population. Others often overlook the nuance of our president saying that Medicare is unsustainable, while at the same time saying the government must now enter into universal coverage. Government is not and should not be the answer to the issues at hand.

Damian said...

Bureaucrats ain't fun. Not to speak poorly of pharmacists, but unfortunately they are controlled by those same types of amoral leeches. I gave up on brick-and-mortar pharmacies years ago. Generic drugs online is the way to go for me. Sorry. All it took was a little research and a deep breath (and a little patience) and I'm better off for it. Turns out Indian pharmacies (like the one I buy from--meds india) sell generic drugs made by some of the same companies that get away with highway robbery in this country. The whole set up is really ridiculous. I'm glad I'm a willing non-participant. So is my wallet. Jeez.

Gert said...

Came here from Dr. Grumpy's.....like your blog!

Weird, though. I started reading it from newest post on down and was kind of struck by the glaring inconsistency between your post "Endless Wonderment" and this one on Uni. Healthcare.

You're still going to have the 'welfare princesses' of the nation to deal with....in fact, that population will likely rise, as universal healthcare is just another entitlement program.

I'm all for changing the way we deliver healthcare in this country, but I think having the government in charge is the worst idea ever. (See Amtrack, USPS, Social Security, et. al).

Do we really have to bankrupt our nation in order to prove we care? Can't we just help our neighbors and leave Uncle Sam out of it?

And, yeah, if we were a teeny country a government system might work. But there's so much corruption and greed in our political system....forget it.