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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Endless Wonderment

Being a creature of the night leaves the daylight hours as a mythical land of chaos that I rarely choose to join. On this particular occasion I was begged by a desparate scheduler to cover a day shift because she had eight sick calls to cover and no pharmacists left to call.

I entered a veritable sh*t storm of printed labels everywhere, filled rxs sadly waiting for a pharmacist to verify, multiple messages on the voicemail, bags and bags of ready rxs waiting to be shelved or sold, a stack of faxes 50 deep waiting to be entered, two lanes of cars impatiently hitting horns or banging on the window, 15 people impatiently waiting in line, two technicians, and a pharmacist. I laughed. What else was I expecting during the day since McDruggie's cut everyone's hours and staff in half over the past few months. It actually surprises me that there are any patients left at all with the drastic decrease in customer service and everything taking twice as long with the Keebler elves allegedly picking up the slack.

Our wait time was 2 hours and mounting. The 3pm intern had been scheduled at another store so there was only one technician coming at 4pm. Even using the assistant managers as cashiers the situation was rapidly disintegrating to the point where I wanted to just say "F*CK IT!" and shut the place down. One technician had already been there for 10 hours with no break or lunch which is illegal and happens more than anyone would like to admit and on top of that there was a fiasco with a medicaid recipient that rapidly escalated into a shouting match between a tech and her at the drive-thru then they came inside to cause issues. I gave the prescriptions back but this wellfare princess decided we owed her something because she did not have her medicaid info and we were supposed to give it to her for free because being an illegal immigrant and crapping out some bastard children now gives you government paid housing and health care. What the f*ck? My tax dollars at work!

So she complained to management and said we called her the N word so I was forced to waste an hour of my time for this worthless piece of sh*t so she didn't die from her infection. Where are the "medical death squads" when you need one?... The way to save billions of dollars each year is to cancel all welfare benefits for illegals, children or no. You don't pay taxes here, you don't get benefits here. End of story. If you look on the books military and welfare are our biggest expenses as a nation. I say we cut the apron strings...oh that b*tch pissed me off.

So for salvaging the day I wondered on the drive home if the upper management jack off on bonus days because they sure as sh*t don't care about the mental and physical deterioration of their overworked, under appreciated employees. If the douche bags at the top want to change the system they need to work all day at a 1000 rx a day store with 2 techs and a manager as a cashier to know how we live every day to pad their f*cking bonuses.

As a side note this is why we use all of our sick days. Maybe upper management should think about that for a little while while they jizz on their desk.


PharmD.Student-Steve said...

I feel you man.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record...I owned a pharmacy(which I sold) where we knew everyone and treated them so niiiiiccce! I always wondered WHY on earth there were so many crazy idiots at the local chain when we were struggling to have the crazy people at our store to fill their RX's in less than 5 minutes. I shake my head and wonder...but glad to be out of it!

Goose said...

I completley agree with anonymous . I'm a tech at a locally owned pharmacy and also wonder why people would wait over 2 hours! for their meds. That is just insane. I guess the money is good for you? Why else would you choose to work in an environment like that

Woodchuck & Hammey said...

Serious. I feel the pain, and can't even imagine why you haven't raised up and slain the management. Could be a fun coup.

On a side note, thanks for the blog.

Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

I actually know 90% of my regulars on sight and have several who have been shopping at my pharmacy because they like the staff. I hate to blow my own horn but I can be quite friendly, informative, and entertaining when I want to be. I think mostly they like me because I am the first one to ask what they have at home and what they have already tried instead of selling them extra stuff they may not need. The corporation may not like that but I prefer to act in the patient's best interest and help them save a little money whenever I can. I also have many who just stop in to say hello and see how things are going if they haven't been in to see me for a while because they either haven't been sick or their refill schedule shifted to the opposite week.

chuckr44 said...

"What the f*ck? My tax dollars at work!"

I'm not saying you specifically voted for these messed up congressmen, but
America, as a whole, voted for the congressmen who messed things up, so America, as a whole, should shut their pie hole.

If you don't like it, vote different.

Anonymous said...

Man, I've had some bad days, but nothing like that!!!!!!!!On a lesser level I can relate to everything you spoke of tho. Yeah, I just can't comprehend the transformation our country has undergone over the last 40 years. Isn't there a Bible verse that states if a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat? When did charity become entitlement? I had one guy who came from NYC yell at me he was returning to NY b/c it was so hard to get his benefits in FL. I guess when you're used to having everything given to you for nothing, then yeah, FL would be a little more difficult. It's still far too easy tho. I just told him "You gotta do what you gotta do" and walked off and left him standing at the counter. Just wait till Obamacare takes effect and your marginal tax rate goes up to 49%.